At this point in life, no one has a chance to say that video games are not one of the sectors that drive the most money. that attract more people year after year. The video game sector has already overtaken other markets or industries that were always at the forefront of sales, such as cinema, music, or even mobile telephony. This is all because the new generation continues and continues to play and that there are more and more platforms. So if you are a PC platform player you would be interested to know where to download games for PC. You have arrived at the right article. 

What are the Best Websites To Download PC Games

Although we have a variety of consoles right now, such as the Xbox Series X and S or the Playstation 5 or even the great and different Nintendo Switch, the PC audience is still the majority and with the platform they use. One of the most sought after. To download games for pc. So in this article, we are going to talk about the different platforms where you can download many video games for which we understand that this is your platform or in which you are interested in playing now that you can read this article.

So, if you are one of those people who have joined the PC Master race and you feel that your computer will give you a better gaming experience as compared to a console since you have a piece of PC with the latest hardware, so Stay tuned and read the following paragraphs. We go out there with the best websites or platforms to download games for PC.

Blizzard – Battlenet

Blizzard - Battlenet website Download pc games
Blizzard – Battlenet

Are you a fan of Blizzard and its video games? This is your site. Battle Net is Activision Blizzard’s platform where you’ll find all of its video games to buy and download digitally. Here you’ll find classics like Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo … all in their different versions.

With the purchase of Blizzard by Activision, individual video games from Activision have been added to the platform, such as Call of Duty or Crash Bandicoot. So, if you’re a fan of these sagas, you’ll find them here as well. You’ll find any Blizzard news in Battle Net.

If what you are looking for is to download games for PC and that too for free, then here you will find the best TCG video games, or what is the same, the best card games on the market, or at least, the most A game to be played (to honor Magic fans), Hearthstone.


compucali tv website for Download pc games
compucali tv

So far we talked about license pages in which you had to pay for video games in full or with a discount, but all legally. We encourage you to always shop on these platforms, as they are virus-free, you support the developer making the video game, and above all, it is legal and nothing has to happen to you. Now, if you are interested, we are going to talk about another website but this time to download video games for PC for free

As you can see in the image it’s a very simple web page that you find yourself face-to-face downloading video games (without a license, remember) as soon as you enter. In addition to this content, you can also find other types of content such as your favorite series, your most wanted movies, or even your favorite shows (without an official license).

As you can also see in the image, all you have to do is browse the web or click on its menu which orders the video games alphabetically. That way, it’ll be easier for you to know if they have the video game you’re looking for or haven’t uploaded yet. Each game you enter will have a card with a brief description of it and all the minimum requirements you need to be able to play optimally on your PC. As if that wasn’t enough, this website provides you with different versions of each video game so that you can download the PC game of your choice.

games torrents

games torrents website for Download pc games
games torrents

Like the previous one, you won’t find many paid video games on this page either, you know. Games Torrent offers you a huge amount of video game downloads in torrent format, as its name indicates. As it used to be, its interface is very simple and you will get news on the web instantly. In the upper menu, as you can see in the image, you will find video game platforms and so you can go directly to them to find them quickly.


Stream website

Most likely, you already know Steam if you are a great PC gamer, but if we rank the best websites or platforms, Steam cannot be absent when it comes to PC. The Steam video game platform was born in 2003, created by another big company called Valve Corporation (yes, the makers of Half-Life 1 and 2 who still have 3 waiting for us for so long, the same ones).

In addition to Half-Life, Valve has developed the Gem as one of the largest competitive video games in the history of video games and eSports, counter-attack, is also known for CS: the GO or the funniest video games One I’ve played with friends in cooperative mode, Left 4 Dead (tremendous afternoon killing zombies with whatever you have)

Steam is considered one of the best digital video game distribution platforms on the planet and it’s no wonder, as it has all kinds of video games and genres in its library. You also have it available in over 20 languages. Within the great videogame library that Steam has, you can find many interesting titles, yes, mostly paid ones. But don’t be discouraged, they also have a free-to-play category in which if you search you might find something more fun in the form of video game fun.

Steam does not stop here as it operates as a company and collaborates with others, such as the community Free Games Give Away. This platform gives thousands and thousands of games, sometimes for a limited time on their website, others not, you have to be cautious because if something is trendy on Steam there has to be a huge library (and then always play the same 3 forever) game, all to be said).

Also and lastly, Steam has its famous sale in which in different periods, such as summer, it makes big sales of many Triple-A video games that we all want. On other occasions, it undercuts many other video games as well, so don’t miss a single game, add it to your wish list and stay tuned to buy and download those games for PC. Without a doubt, it is one of the best PC video game platforms and one must download and visit from time to time to see what is cooked in its offerings. Don’t miss it and download Steam now.


origin – is another website to download pc games


Genesis is a platform that belongs to EA and was really born to compete against all the might of Steam. In addition, it also connects you with your friends and has separate passes or subscriptions that you can pay for to access all their video games from day one, such as basic access. 

Origin is said to be (like Steam, all to be said) one of the best platforms to buy video games for PC and one of the safest, most secure. Inside it (it continues to mimic the features of Steam) you will find the possibility to add your friends, a list of contacts to see what they are playing and if they are connected, create their profile and Chat with your friends before, during, and after playing anything.


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