Resolving Tips for Ethernet Cable Connected but No Internet

Ethernet Cable Connected but No Internet

Resolving Tips for Ethernet Cable Connected but No Internet Ethernet cables are a popular method for connecting devices to the internet. They provide a reliable and stable connection, but sometimes even when you’ve connected your device via Ethernet cable, you still can’t access the internet. This can be a frustrating … Read more

How to Shut Down Computer With Keyboard? 4 Easy Ways

How to Shut Down Computer With Keyboard

How to Shut Down Computer With Keyboard? 4 Easy Ways Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to turn off your laptop or PC, but don’t have access to a mouse or touchpad? Maybe you’re on a plane, or in a meeting, and don’t want to … Read more

How To Solve Windows 10 Slow Internet? Best Methods to Solve

Windows 10 slow internet problem fixed

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but many users have been reporting problems with windows 10 slow internet. If you are one of these people, don’t worry – you are not alone! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best methods to solve this problem. We … Read more

Laptop as a Monitor for PS4: The Pros and Cons

Laptop as a Monitor for PS4

Gaming, especially on a monitor, is fun. The PS4 console has features and power that make playing games much better. You’re set to enjoy the high resolutions, refresh rates, and quality game graphics. But what if you don’t have a screen to use? I have a PS4 but had to … Read more

Buying a Used Laptop? Check These Useful Tips

Buying a used laptop

Laptops are typically expensive these days. With the ever-increasing number of people studying or working, making a purchase is becoming difficult. What if you invest in a secondhand laptop, like a used or a refurbished one? Well, it is a good idea to start with. It is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and … Read more

How to Connect Speakers to Monitor? An Instruction Manual

How to Connect Speakers to Monitor

It is possible to directly hookup speakers toward a computer display or smart device. When your computer display does not come equipped with built-in audio, mounting the sound systems might be a complex operation. How to connect speakers to monitor? The finest methods for connecting speakers to a monitor will … Read more

Is Your Lenovo laptop Won’t Turn on? Causes And Solutions Listed

Lenovo laptop Won't Turn on

Lenovo produces many devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The very first Lenovo personal computer came in the year 1990. In this article, you will learn why the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on and how you solve this issue. Now there are different types of Lenovo laptops available in the … Read more

Why Does My PC Keep Turning Off? [Reasons & Fixed]

pc setup and Why Does My PC Keep Turning Off

If you are reading this blog post, then there is a chance that your computer keeps turning off. So if you think of a solution for why does my PC keep turning off. we want to help to fix it. There are many reasons why computers turn off and the … Read more

How Often Should I Clean My PC Tips & Guides

pc setup and How Often Should I Clean My PC

If you’re a computer user, then you’ve probably been asked the following question: “How often should I clean my PC” In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and more. We will discuss what to do if your PC is running slow or crashing frequently. What can happen if not … Read more

How to Use Earphone Mic On PC [Explained]

How to Use Earphone Mic On PC

Earphone mics are a valuable tool for any podcaster or presenter. You can use them to conduct interviews, record podcasts, and even speak on Skype with friends and family. This article will teach you everything you need how to use earphone mic on pc. How to Use Earphone Mic On … Read more

Why is Your Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? 17 Ways to Fix

Laptop closed and why is my Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

Why is my Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? this is a common problem for all laptop users. so everyone worries thinking about this problem. don’t worry it’s time to solve it. There are many factors that can affect the battery life of your laptop. Some of these reasons are obvious, … Read more

How to Unlock Keyboard In Windows When It’s Locked

A girl using laptop keyboard and How to Unlock Keyboard in pc or laptop

Lately, I’ve been noticing that my keyboard is frequently getting locked. It’s probably because of the way I’m using it, but honestly – it can be really annoying to have to unlock the keyboard every time before you can use it again! Luckily, there are a few ways that you … Read more

Can You Put Your Pc on Carpet – Is It Good or Bad? [Explained]

Girl sitting on a carpet with laptop and foods, pc on carpet

Is it true that you should not put your pc on carpet? It is a common problem that many people ask themselves. If you are asking yourself this same question, then the answer to your question is no. There are many arguments for and against putting computers on carpeting. In … Read more

How Much Storage for Gaming PC Want [Explained]


How much storage for gaming PC want? This is a question that many gamers ask themselves when they are looking to buy a new system. We all know that the more hard drive size we have, the more games and other media we can download and store on our computers. … Read more

How to Transport A PC [10 Guides]

Pc full setup - How to Transport A PC

This blog post will discuss how to transport a PC. We all know that the world is changing, and technology is constantly evolving. Computers are getting smaller and more powerful, but they can still be difficult to move around or carry with you wherever you go. This article will give … Read more

How to Clean Tempered Glass PC [10 Ways]

How to Clean Tempered Glass PC

It’s not easy to keep your tempered glass PC clean, but the good news is that you don’t have to be a professional cleaner. There are many ways to do it yourself and some of them are quite simple. Here are 10 ways on how to clean tempered glass PC … Read more