Browser Version or Mobile App: Which Is Better for Playing Online Casino Games

Many argue that online casinos will push out land-based gambling venues within the next few decades. Although this doesn’t affect big casino resorts, smaller gambling joints rarely get customers. That being said, regulations usually require companies to have a physical presence or an office, if they wish to conduct business online. So, just because these shops are empty doesn’t mean they are doing badly financially.

It’s incredibly easy to gamble online nowadays. The operators host thousands of games and they have amazing promotions available. Anyone who is looking to play on a small budget should check these $1 minimum deposit casinos that operate in Canada. These are all reputable brands that with mobile-friendly sites so you can play regardless of your location so long as you have internet access. That being said, many prefer to download the app instead of playing on a browser. So let’s see which version provides a superior gambling experience.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps

A lot of players prefer casino apps for a reason. There are certain advantages to using the app over a browser:

  • Better performance – An app is usually better optimized for Android and iOS devices. As a result, the games can run faster and are less likely to crash.
  • Improved UI – When creating a website that needs to run on both computers and small-screen devices designers are somewhat restricted. This isn’t the case when they are designing a UI that is intended for the app. As a result, the app version can be easier to navigate, and players can find what they want a lot faster.
  • Notifications – Players can receive notifications directly from the app if they wish. This means they will be notified whenever there is a meaningful update – new promotions, new games added, upcoming tournaments, etc.
  • Offline access – Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the application is that you can play offline. You cannot gamble with real money, but you can still practice and enjoy the most popular casino games. This way you get to see which games you like and get to plan where you wish to spend your money.
  • Exclusive content – Although this isn’t always the case it is possible for casinos to add exclusive games or promotions for app users.

Of course, there are some limitations, when it comes to using the app, that need to be acknowledged.

  • Permissions – The app needs to be approved by the official store and that’s not always the case. As a result, when users want to download the API they need to disable safety protocols in their phone settings. This also means they are downloading software that the official store doesn’t vouch for.
  • It takes up space – The app will take up space on your phone, and if it has lots of casino games, it will take up a few gigabytes of storage.
  • Limited support – Developers can’t cater to all users, so it’s possible for the application not to work on older devices that use outdated OS.

Pros and Cons of Using a Browser

Browser version or mobile app_ which is better for playing online casino games

Operators prefer to only have a browser version available because it’s cheaper for them. Fortunately, there are advantages for users as well if they decide to play on a browser.

  • No Download and Better Compatibility – Users don’t need to download anything in order to play. So, their phone storage will be free. Additionally, it’s compatible with more devices this way, regardless of the OS they are using.
  • No updates – Apps need to be updated, and they tend to be unavailable during maintenance. The site is also unavailable during maintenance, but the update is automatic, so players don’t have to wait.
  • More content – Since the browser doesn’t need to be downloaded operators can put more games in the lobby. Moreover, it is easier to add video streaming and live betting. Often operators have separate apps for betting and casino games, which isn’t the case with browsers. This way users get to enjoy all the latest gaming trends on a single platform.

Of course, relying only on the browser can negatively affect user experience.

  • High memory requirements – Many browsers like Google Chrome eat away at RAM, so devices with lower RAM will experience lag. The games will load slower and are more prone to crashing.
  • Underoptimized – Because the browser is compatible with more devices it lacks the optimization and smoothness that’s available through the app.


If you just want to play specific casino games, and if you really want these games to run smoothly then the app is a better option. Top brands have well-polished and optimized applications so you should always download those if you play on mobile. Bear in mind that many of these apps are location specific and there are separate casino and sportsbooks apps. On the other hand, if you are looking to have more content that is available on a single platform then a browser is a better choice.

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