How to Find My Samsung Mobile – If Lost It

Even if you don’t have a Google account, there are still other ways to track down your lost Samsung phone. Most Android phones have a default tracking app or some other method of finding the device if it is lost or stolen. Let’s have a look at Samsung gadgets.

There’s a feature called Find My Mobile on Samsung phones, similar to Google’s Find My Device. You can use their app or website to look up your phone’s location if this setting is enabled.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure to enable the Find My Mobile service on your Samsung phone to track it if lost.
  • Utilize the SmartThings Find feature to track your Samsung phone.
  • Activate phone location on Google Maps for better accuracy in locating your lost device.

How to Find Your Samsung Mobile If Lost?

How to Find Your Samsung Mobile If Lost

Step 1: Enable Find My Mobile Service

The first thing I do to ensure I can find my Samsung mobile if it’s lost is to activate the Find My Mobile service. I navigate to my phone’s Settings, then to Security and Privacy, and finally to Find My Mobile. Here, I make sure the ‘Allow this phone to be found’ toggle is switched on.

It’s crucial to have this feature enabled so that I can track my phone in case it goes missing.

To enhance the accuracy of the location tracking, I also go to the ‘Location’ settings and turn on ‘Improve Location Accuracy’. This step is particularly helpful when I need to pinpoint my phone’s location using Google Maps.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’ve got everything set up:

  • Go to Settings > Security and Privacy> Find My Mobile
  • Toggle on ‘Allow this phone to be found’
  • Under ‘Location’, enable ‘Improve Location Accuracy’

Step 2: Track Your Phone Using SmartThings Find

After ensuring that find my Samsung service is active, I move on to tracking my phone using SmartThings Find. It’s a straightforward process that gives me peace of mind. First, I sign into the SmartThings Find website with my Samsung account. Once logged in, a map displays all my devices on the left side. Here’s what I do next:

  • Select the lost Samsung phone from the list of devices.
  • SmartThings Find will then show me the phone’s location, or if it’s offline, the last known location.

It’s important to note that while there’s no in-app version of SmartThings Find, the website offers a comprehensive set of options to help locate my device. This service is particularly useful as it’s tailored for Samsung devices and provides features that may not be available through other tracking services.

Step 3: Activate Phone Location on Google Maps

Once you’ve ensured that the Find My Mobile service is enabled and you’ve checked SmartThings Find, it’s time to use Google Maps to locate your Samsung mobile. Activating the phone location feature is crucial for this step to work effectively.

First, I access the Settings on my Samsung device and navigate to Biometrics & Security. Here, I find the Find My Mobile option and make sure it’s turned on. Next, I scroll down to the Location section and turn on Improve Location Accuracy. This enhances the precision of my phone’s location when I try to find it using Google Maps.

If my phone goes missing, I can quickly log into Google on another device and type ‘find my phone’ into the search bar. Google will display a map with my phone’s approximate location and a radius for my search. From there, I have several options to choose from:

  • Make my phone ring, even if it’s on silent.
  • Secure my device by remotely locking it.
  • Erase all data from my phone if I believe it’s been compromised.

Remember, for these steps to work, I must use the Google account linked to my phone. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep track of my Samsung mobile if it ever gets lost.

Protecting Your Accounts

Protecting Your Accounts

Sign Out Remotely

After realizing my Samsung mobile is lost, my immediate concern is to protect my personal information. I remember that many services, including my Google account, allow me to disconnect devices remotely. I quickly navigate to the Google account page, click on Security, and then on Manage all devices. Here, I can see all the devices where I’m logged in. Selecting my lost phone and clicking Sign Out ensures that my account is safe from unauthorized access.

In addition to this, I consider the security of my other accounts. I decide to change the passwords for my social media, email, and cloud storage. This way, the person who has my phone won’t be able to change these passwords, and I won’t be locked out of my accounts.

It’s a relief to know that the lock screen protections should prevent most attempts to access my accounts, but I’m not taking any chances.

Lastly, I check the list of accounts linked to my phone and make sure to unlink them:

Use Find My App on Other Devices

After ensuring that the Find My service is active on my Samsung mobile, I can also use the Find My app on other devices to locate my phone. Here’s how I do it:

  • Firstly, I open the Find My app on another device, like an iPad or a Mac. This can be done through the device’s web browser or by launching the app directly.
  • Secondly, I sign in with my Apple ID. It’s important to note that if the device belongs to someone else, I’ll need to sign them out first. The sign-out option is typically found at the upper-right corner of the app’s screen.
  • After signing in with my Apple ID, a list of devices linked to it will appear below the map, showing their locations.
  • Finally, I tap on my phone to see its exact location on the map.

By using the Find My app on devices other than my phone, I can quickly locate my lost Samsung mobile and take the necessary actions, such as locking it, playing a sound, or even erasing data to protect my privacy.


In conclusion, finding your lost Samsung mobile is possible with the help of various tracking methods such as Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. By ensuring that the necessary settings are enabled and using tools like SmartThings Find, you can locate your device with ease.

Remember to act swiftly and take advantage of these features to increase the chances of recovering your lost phone. Stay proactive and keep your device secure to prevent future mishaps. Happy tracking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Find My Mobile service available on all Samsung phones?

Yes, Find My Mobile service is available on most Samsung phones. You can enable this feature in the Settings menu.

Can I track my lost Samsung phone using Google Maps?

Yes, you can activate your phone’s location on Google Maps for Samsung devices. This feature allows you to track your phone’s location using Google Maps.

What should I do if I can’t find my Samsung phone using the default tracking app?

If you are unable to locate your Samsung phone using the default tracking app, you can use alternative methods such as SmartThings Find or other tracking apps available for Android devices.

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