Since the launch of multi-featured smartphones, more than thousands of games have flooded the market. This digital device has given a significant rise to mobile gaming. If the gaming performance of your smartphone is not as good as you would like it to be, keep on reading.

How to Optimize a Smartphone for Mobile Games

This article will help you with great tips to better optimize your smartphone for mobile games.

Attach a Controller

Purchase add-ons and 3rd party accessories to get better control using a mouse and keyboard or a console controller. Several mobile game controllers can be attached directly to both sides of the iPhone to get hold of the entire system. However, if you’re using Android phones, SteelSeries Stratus Duo is the best controller.

Free Up iPhone Storage

Lack of internal storage can negatively affect your gaming performance by slowing down the iPhone. If you encounter an iphone storage full issue, delete unwanted files such as photos, movies, music files, or text messages. Close unnecessary background apps and clear the cache and cookies. Cleaning your phone’s storage is not a one-time task, and you must repeat it often.

Close Background Apps

Smartphones with a limited volume of RAM can affect the mobile gaming experience. Turning off all the applications running in the background can help free up the RAM (Random Access Memory). The system will allocate the available RAM to gaming apps so that you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

Turn Off Animations

Opening or shutting apps or clicking on the screen icons can lead to animations. Even though they give a superb user experience on smartphones, they also make the device slower. Hence, turn off the screen animations so that no animation will be displayed on the screen while you’re playing games.

Install Game Booster App

Install Game Booster App

The renowned gaming companies have launched a range of applications that can significantly boost online games on smartphones. These apps tweak multiple options on mobiles to ensure smooth gaming. It will automatically optimize each option without requiring you to do so manually. It closes all the notifications to allow gamers to focus on playing without any interruptions.

Turn on Force 4x MSAA

This is a multi-sampling tool that keeps the balance between performance and graphics in OpenGL 2.0 apps and games. Force 4x MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) comes disabled on most smartphones as it quickly drains the battery. Hence, if your mobile phone has a pretty good battery life, then you can turn on this feature to improve gaming performance.

Disable Power Saving Mode

It’s good to keep the phone in power-saving mode to better utilize the battery. But, this may affect the gaming performance by limiting the system resources, for example, clock speed and brightness. So, turn off power-saving mode while you’re playing games on your smartphone.

Move Data to Cloud

Uploading files to the cloud storage and removing them from internal storage helps quickly clear the largest amount of space. Uninstall apps that you no longer require, especially games you don’t want to play, or archive data if you feel you might need it in the future. The major advantage of cloud storage is that you can access the app right from anywhere, anytime.

Switch to High Screen Refresh Rate

The visual quality highly depends on the screen refresh rate. A higher screen refresh rate means better visual quality with smoother animations. Most Android phones allow changing the screen refresh rate to improve the game visuals and performance. To switch the rate, access Settings apps and go to Display. Select Advanced and click Refresh Rate.

Get Rid of Mobile Junk

Get Rid of Mobile Junk

The junk content can be collected from any source on Android or iOS phones. The unused documents, old media files, and residue of uninstalled apps are some kinds of junk. Thus, get rid of the files you have saved on your device but are not interested in using anymore. Some Android phones have built-in features to locate and delete unused files.

Get a Fast Internet Connection

Internet speed creates a great impact on online gaming performance. The reason is that games most often need to send and receive data. A slow or poor network may cause a delay in data transfer, thereby spoiling the entire gaming experience. Hence, try to use a high-speed mobile data connection such as a 5G or a Wi-Fi connection.

Update Your Smartphone

To ensure efficient gaming compatibility and performance, smartphone developers are providing regular performance updates. Checking and installing the latest software will ensure the most effective optimization of system resources. It helps in improved performance, enhanced stability, and access to future technological advancements through bug fixes.

The Conclusion

These are the simple tips you can follow to enjoy hours of gaming on a smartphone without fretting about anything. Do not forget to back up data before you delete anything from the phone to prevent data loss.

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