How to use Discord on a PS5 in 2023 (Without PC)

Discord has always been a personal favorite for many gamers all around the globe. It is because the service allows gamers to interact with each other and create closed as well as open groups. This enables gamers to play their favorite game with like-minded people. However, where PC gaming is huge, there are also multiple players that use Playstation consoles i.e. PS4 and PS5 to play games.

In this article, we will disclose how a gamer can connect a PS5 with the Discord app along with the steps.

So, here we go…

Is it Possible to use Discord with PS5? (without using a PC)

Initially, it wasn’t the case with the release of Discord. Initially, the integration of the service with PlayStation was slated to happen in May 2021. Later on, there was another announcement for the release in early 2022. However, the much-anticipated app was finally released on PS5 on 8th March 2023 on the PS5 platform. This would enable gamers to use the voice chat functionality of the service while playing their favorite titles.

How to Download Discord on PS5?

The users of PS5 can not download Discord. It is because the service is integrated with the PSN (PlayStation Network). If you have activated the PSN service in your PS5, the Discord service will be automatically activated in your network. It means that you can easily use the service for communicating with your friends in the network while playing games.

Steps for Using Discord App on PS5 (without using PC)

There are several steps that need to be followed in order to use Discord app on your PS5. Here, they are:

Check for Updates

In order to use Discord on your PS5, the first step should be to update the PS5. Discord has been available for PS5 systems that have PS5 7.0 updates or beyond. However, if you have enabled automatic updates then there is no need to update the system manually.

Just in case, if a manual update is required, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open settings on your PS5
  • Now go to the ‘System’ tab
  • Check for System Software
  • Now click on the tab ‘System Software Update and Setting’
  • Find the ‘Update System Software’ tab and click it
  • Select ‘Update using Internet’
  • Confirm it by clicking on ‘Update’

Providing Relevant Permissions

By default, PS5 is configured to a setting that tries to mask the user activities. However, with Discord, the user is required to provide certain permissions to the service in order for it to work effectively.

In order to set the permissions right, here are the steps:

  • Open the setting of PS5
  • Now click on ‘User and Account’
  • Now check out the ‘Privacy’ button.
  • Now find the ‘View and customize the privacy settings’
  • Now search for ‘Your Activity’
  • From there, select ‘Anyone’ for the setting “Who can see you online?”

Below is the steps that can be used to link the Discord account to your PS5:

  • Find the ‘Users and Accounts’ and click on it
  • Now check out the Linkedin Services
  • Now, click on Discord
  • From there, click on link account
  • Finally, click on accept and continue

This will enable a QR along with a digital code that will appear on the screen. From there, use the QR code reader on your smartphone and the app will be successfully installed on your PS5.

Join a Channel on Discord using PS5

In order to use Discord, the user is required to join a community. The invitation of the community can either be provided by the admin of the community or a friend that is already a part of the community.

Here are the steps to join a voice community using Discord

  • Select the Discord server or community that you wish to join
  • Now search for the voice chat, you wish to be a part of
  • Now click on ‘Join Voice’
  • Select the ‘Transfer on Playstation’ tab
  • Select the PS5 console as the devices are shown
  • A message will pop up on your PS5 console
  • Now control the Discord directly from your PS5 controller

Configuring Voice Chat on PS5 – The Easy Way!

To use Discord at its full capacity, the user needs to make sure that voice chat is configured on your PS5 console. To do so there are several steps that need to be followed. These steps are:

  • Follow the steps mentioned in the sections to complete the pre-configuration process.
  • Now click on the PS button that is available in the controller to access the control center.
  • Now select party
  • After that click on Create a party
  • Select the settings depending upon your preference i.e. Open Party or Closed Party

Testing the Microphone

Once the required setting is enabled, it is important to test the microphone too. Below are the steps to check the microphone.

  • Start a voice chat by clicking on the microphone icon, once the party is created
  • In order to adjust the setting, select Options > Voice Chat

There are several settings that are available that can be adjusted. These are:

  • Input Device
  • Output Device
  • Volume
  • Mic Monitoring

Additional Tips:

  • Check if the microphone is plugged in or not
  • Check the port of the headset that is connected to the PS5
  • Restart your PS5 in case of trouble
  • Try to adjust the microphone setting simply by using the settings menu.

Alternatives of Discord App for PS5

Discord is not the only app out there. In fact, the PS5 platform offers several other services that can be used by users to interact with each other.

These applications are

  • TeamSpeak: This service is quite similar to Discord i.e. it is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service often used by gamers for its high-quality audio. It is free of charge for up to 32 users.
  • Mumble: Another VoIP service known for its low latency and high audio quality.
  • Tox: It is a secure messaging application. This is free to use and enables messaging of voice chat, text, video, and file sharing. Tox is also an open-source service.
  • Chanty: Chanty allows up to free 10 users. This service also enables communication of users via voice, text, and video along with file sharing.
  • Element: Another free-to-use and open-source service. This app is based on the Matrix protocol offering capabilities like voice chat, text chat, video chat, and file sharing.

Final Words

Discord is one of the most popular services that connects gamers together. There are multiple Discord app review that praise the application that explains the excitement of the gaming community upon its official integration with PS5. The inclusion of services like Discord is synonymous with its usability. Gamers have been actively waiting for it, and now it is a reality after 2 years of wait.

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