What is phone visibility and what does phone visibility mean do you know? here you can find all about your android device visibility and more information.

What Is Phone Visibility?

The way our phones appear on other devices, we can simply call it visibility. we can use phone visibility for more works like if you want to share anything with your friend or any others ex: pictures, videos, or files. you can easily find each device using phone visibility. and the phone visibility option is removed by some devices with day-to-day technological advances.

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How to Enable Phone Visibility?

Note: this feature is not available on all android devices.

If you have an android device check the phone visibility option has or not.

  1. Go to your phone setting
  2. Select connection by scrolling
  3. Find the phone visibility
  4. If is disabled change it to enable
  5. Now you done
smartphone user - phone visibility check
smartphone user

What can do with phone visibility in Android?

You can transfer files and receive anything with your friend or anyone else using phone visibility. this is very easy to use for anyone. 

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Direct Share

For sharing files, pictures and videos simply open the file explorer app on your device then click on the network section from the left menu bar. now go to the shared folders option and select the desired location which you want to share it like a computer, laptop, etc…


If you want to send any file via Bluetooth just follow the above steps and select your desired location again choose the devices option then click on another device that is connected with your android phone.

Direct Share Wifi

For sharing files with a wifi connection in your android phone follow the same steps then select the network option. Click on another device that is connected to the internet and done you can send any file using via Wifi.

But today world a lot of people are not using the phone visibility option to share or receive anything. because today has advanced technologies to share and receive anything. ex: android apps

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Android smartphone
android smartphone

What can use Instead if have Not Phone Visibility Option?

You can use the more powerful share methods in the trending world Even these are similar to phone visibility but it has more speed and has more features.

1. Android Apps

There are many android apps to share anything with your friends. you can download it from the play store easily free of cost and no need for any more steps for using these apps.

Best Android Apps to transfer files

  • inShare
  • JioSwitch
  • ShareMe
  • Zapya
  • Xshare
  • Xender
  • SHAREit

2. Data Cable

You can simply use your data cable to share and receive any file to your mobile or PC. Here have two methods to sharing mobile with pc and mobile with mobile.

Mobile with PC

First of all check, your device has a data cable or not. if yes then connect it with your PC or laptop. now open the phone folder in any file explorer app there you can find all files including videos, photos, etc… share any file using this method easily free of cost just download from the play store for more information.

that’s all about phone visibility. these are very simple steps to share or receive any file, pictures, and videos with your friends using the phone visibility method in Android easily free of cost without any apps. these are also called direct sharing methods for sharing anything between devices just like android device visibilities options but it has more features than that option.

Mobile with Mobile

If you want to share anything using data cables phone to another phone you want an OTG cable. just follow the above steps to share anything from mobile to mobile. More Information about Visibility


How to Transfer Files Using Android’s Nearby Share?

Nearby share is an interesting feature that allows you to quickly transfer files between your devices. Here are the steps on how it works and when can users use this feature:

First, make sure both two devices have Google Play services installed. Enable Bluetooth in order for these devices to detect each other. Launch two apps, so you can share files using the feature.

Open a file in one of these devices and click on the Share or Send option. Select Nearby as an available sharing method from the list that appears below. Choose your second device to transfer the selected file into it.

How can I tell if someone has linked my phone to theirs?

Whenever your phone is connected to another person’s phone using the same Wi-Fi network, you will see an option in Bluetooth settings.

How to transfer data from Samsung to OnePlus?

First of all, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Enable Bluetooth on both smartphones and launch an app that allows file sharing between two Android devices.

Open a file in one of them and click the Share or Send option. Select Nearby as an available sharing method from the list that appears below. Select your OnePlus phone and transfer the selected file into it.

Conclusion: What Is Phone Visibility?

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