Are you shocked suddenly because Xbox One won’t turn on? If you’re reading this post, likely, your console isn’t turning on. This is a common problem with the Xbox One and I’ll give you a few reasons why your Xbox One may not be turning on, as well as some tips for fixing the issue. So keep reading for all the info!

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Xbox One Won’t Turn On [Reasons]

Here provide some reasons why Xbox one won’t turn on…

Xbox one console and xbox one won't turn on
Xbox one console

Isn’t receiving enough power

This is the most likely problem you’ll experience, and if you’ve already checked that your console’s power cable is plugged in and the outlet has power then the problem might be further in your home’s wiring. Have someone check to make sure all of your devices are getting enough power and if they’re not, try plugging them into a different outlet. also, check if your internal power supply working well or bad. You can find it by checking and seeing power supply light working or not. Always good to use a good external power surge protector for your device.

Bad power cable

Using a bad power cable can cause issues with your Xbox one s doesn’t turn on. If you have a spare, try using it to see if the console will turn on successfully. If so, then you know that what’s causing the issue is a faulty or damaged power cable, and need to replace it in order for this problem to be fixed.

Not detected any display

The Xbox One has a built-in display, so if it’s not getting any signal from your TV or AV equipment then the console will not power on. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly and you’ve changed all of the correct settings for output on your display device.

Bad hard drive

This is a big case for Xbox one won’t start up. If you recently added new information to your Xbox One’s hard drive or if it’s been giving you errors, then there’s a chance your console’s hard drive may be bad. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the hard drive in order for your Xbox One to turn on again. or try to remove the hard drive of your Xbox one and clean it well, after cleaning reinstall it properly.

Software corruption

None of the above fixes work?, so you may have a virus or other form of software corruption on your Xbox One. This is an issue that’s best fixed by having your console repaired at a service center.

Replacing the internal hard drive in your Xbox One can be one way to fix this problem.

The internal power button is faulty

If you’ve tried everything above and still your Xbox one won’t turn on, then something may have gone wrong with the physical button-press mechanism on the inside of the console. This will require a repair or replacement of the entire Xbox One system.

Hardware failure

Another big case of if your Xbox won t turn on issue, it could be due to a hardware failure and may need service from Microsoft in order to get fixed.

Motherboard Error

However, if the above tricks don’t work, you might have a motherboard issue resulting in your Xbox One not turning on. so you need to check your Xbox one motherboard.

Water damaged

This problem is more likely to occur if water leaks into your Xbox one without your knowledge. so you need to properly check your Xbox one isn’t wet. also, try to contact an Xbox team member to get advice for this situation.

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video by Brandon Downer youtube channel

Xbox One Won’t Turn On [How to fix Tips]

Still If your Xbox not turning on try these tips to solve the issue…

Check your power cable

As I mentioned earlier, this is the most likely reason for your Xbox One not turning on. Make sure that the power cable is plugged in securely to both the console and the wall outlet.

Try a different outlet

Do you’ve already checked the power cable and it’s plugged in securely, then try plugging your devices into a different outlet. If all of your devices are suddenly not getting enough power, then there might be something wrong with your home’s wiring.

power outlet
power outlet

Unplug all of your devices and plug them back in

Sometimes when there’s a problem with one device, it can cause problems with the others. So try unplugging all of your devices and plugging them back in one at a time. If you’re still having problems after doing this, then there might be something wrong with your home’s wiring.

Restart your modem and router

This is a common troubleshooting step for many different devices and it might help to fix the issue with your Xbox One. To restart your modem and router, just unplug them both from the wall outlet and wait about 30 seconds before plugging them back in.

Contact Xbox Support

If you’ve tried all of the tips above and your Xbox One still isn’t turning on, then there may be something wrong with the console itself. In this case, you should contact Xbox support for further assistance.

Hopefully one of these tips will help you get your Xbox One up and running again! If not, then be sure to contact Xbox support for more help

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Conclusion Xbox One Won’t Turn On

I hope this article helped you figure out why your Xbox One won’t turn on. If it didn’t, or if the issue persists, then please consult Microsoft for further assistance. The good news is that there are many ways to troubleshoot and fix an unresponsive console so don’t give up yet!

Let me know in the comments below what solution worked best for you or share it with others who may be experiencing a similar problem. Thank you, Good day!

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