Ultra-Guide: Android to Android Data Transfer | Easy Ways

When you buy a new Android smartphone installed with the strongest chip and running the latest OS, you might want to enjoy this gadget with impatience, right? Or want to share your interesting pictures and movies with your friends? Anyway, you need some “skills” in Android to Android data transfer.

The skills just mean simple and effective transferring methods. What’s more, today’s post will explain detailed info and steps about Android transfer. Here we go.

What Is Android to Android Data Transfer?

In fact, it means copying data from one Android phone or tablet to another. Of course, you need to establish a successful connection between your devices in advance. Apart from USB, you can also use a network to establish the connection.

Why Transfer Data from Android to Android?

  1. You can bring your precious files with you after switching to a new Android cell phone. Maybe you store many memorable photos, your favorite songs, etc., on your current phone. If you don’t want to lose them, you’ll need the data migration.
  2. You cannot lose your important contacts if you want to keep in touch with your friends. Even though you don’t mind losing your pictures and other media files, you will not like to enter your phone numbers one by one into another device.
  3. You will need to send documents to your colleagues for work from time to time. Also, perhaps you want to send something funny to your friends. Thus, you need Android data transfer.

How to Transfer Data between Android Devices via Your Google Account

Do you have a Google account or Gmail? If not, you can sign up for one without hassle. This account can help you sync data between Android devices. What it requires is a stable network and sufficient cloud storage space. At the beginning, it will provide you with 15GB of free storage. You can also purchase more if you want to sync more data.

Here’s how to sync data between Android devices via a Google account:

  • Open the Settings app on your source phone, and choose “Accounts and backup” > “Accounts”.
  • Click “Add account” > “Google” to enter your Google account. Then enable the file types you want to transfer on the screen.
  • Go to your target device, run the Settings app, and add the same account to it. Then your data will automatically appear.

android accounts

How to Send Files from Android to Android via SHAREit

SHAREit is also an app to send files between mobile devices. With it, you can transfer files wirelessly. If you run out of your cloud space on Google, SHAREit will help you. As long as you can download it from Play Store, you can start the transmission.

However, it is inevitable to see some ads on this app, and sometimes, you need to try several times to connect your Android phone to another.

Transfer data from Android to Android via SHAREit:

  • Install this app on both Android gadgets, and launch it. Then enable Bluetooth.
  • On your sending device, please click “Send” and select the files you want. Once done, tap the “SEND” icon.
  • Turn to your receiving device, and click “Receive”. Then it will search for other devices. When the avatar of your device appears on the screen, please tap on it to connect. After that, the app will send the selected files to your receiving phone.

Shareit App

How to Copy Data from Android to Android via Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Want a stable and direct transfer tool? Coolmuster Mobile Transfer will meet your needs. This software can transfer most kinds of files between Android devices, including contacts, videos, music, text messages, apps, and so on. There is no data or quality loss after you complete the data transfer.

Furthermore, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer supports most Android OSes, from Android 4.0 to upper. Thus, you can move data between different brands of Android devices. Also, it can move data between iOS devices. Plus, it provides you with two types of connection: USB and Wi-Fi. Whichever connection you use, you can seamlessly copy data.

By the way, we find that another website also recommends this software for Android-to-Android data transfer – Samsung Messages Backup. You can also open this page to check how to use this software and other transfer methods on Android transfer.

Use this software to achieve Android-to-Android data transfer:

  • Install Mobile Transfer on your computer, and run it on the desktop.
  • Connect your Android phones/tablets to the computer via USB cables. Then enable USB debugging mode on both devices.
  • The software will scan your data from the source device, and list the data by category. Next, check the file types you plan to transfer and click “Start Copy” to begin the process. Then wait for the transfer to finish.

Coolmuster mobile transfer

FAQs on Android to Android Data Transfer

Why Do You Fail to Transfer Data via your Google Account?

When failing to transfer data via your Google account, you can check your network first. The failure is often due to a weak network. Another common reason is inadequate cloud storage. In this case, please remove those useless files from your Google account.

Will Transferred Data Overwrite the Existing Files?

In general, the transferred data will not replace your current files. The tools mentioned above, none of them will overwrite your data. Thus, please don’t worry about it.

Can You Transfer Everything to Your Target Android Phone?

In reality, different Android devices are compatible with various data types. However, some settings and built-in apps on your old device cannot work well on another device, such as notes, wallpapers, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to transfer everything to another Android phone.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! Now, you’ve known all the info about Android-to-Android data transfer. If switching to a new phone is on your agenda, you can start it without hesitation. And then you can move your data to the brand-new device effortlessly.

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