When your texts different colors on Android, It has two distinct colors: one for short messages sent through your carrier and the other for messages sent through the Samsung chat function. This is not a problem to be worried about, and if you want to change those colors, then some modern devices have the built-in ability to change those colors.

This article discusses ” why my texts have different colors in Android,” including everything you need to know about those colors. So let’s begin.

What do texts different colors on Android, Samsung?

A green bubble indicates that the message was sent using Advanced Messaging. Messages sent via SMS or MMS are indicated by a bright yellow bubble when it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy 9 and 9+.

An Advanced Messaging message is one that appears in a blue bubble. The color teal denotes an SMS or MMS message.

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What really is advanced messaging?

Advanced Messaging is AT&T’s next-generation RCS messaging service, which lets you send high-resolution photos and larger video files up to 100MB per attachment and participate in group chats with up to 100 people.

You will be able to see when your messages are delivered, read, and even when others are typing a response to them.

What do you get with advanced messaging?

  1. Messages up to 8000 characters.
  2. Improved picture and video file formats are now supported during file transfers (e.g., PDF, XLS, ZIP).
  3. Up to 100 people can participate in a group chat.
  4. They improved delivery notifications to show whether or not your message has been delivered or read and whether the other party is currently typing a response.
  5. There is an all-in-one conversation history for all Advanced Messaging, SMS, and MMS messages sent to the same contact.

How can I know if I have advanced messaging?

To access the app’s screen from a Home screen, swipe up from the center of the screen. (It’s on the right). Advanced Messaging is enabled on your device if you see the Chat Settings menu.

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How do I turn off advanced messages on Android?

  1. More settings can be found near the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Enhanced Messaging from the drop-down menu.
  4. Disable Enhanced messaging by toggling the switch.

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Why do my text messages turn from blue to green: am I blocked?

If your iMessage text bubbles turn green instead of blue while you’re messaging someone, that person has blocked your iPhone number. They may have blocked you because of the “sent” vs. “delivered” badge.

Should Green texts state that they have been delivered?

There are two responses. When the message bubble turns blue, it is sent as an iMessage. If it turns green, it will be sent as a standard SMS. iMessage includes a delivery report that displays information such as ‘delivered’ or ‘read’ when a message is delivered/read.

If the text starts as iMessage and changes to green and says sent as a text message, are you blocked, and did the text get sent?

No. The message will not even change from blue to green; it will remain blue with no “delivered” or “read” message beneath it.

When it turns green, it means that a) you have “Send as SMS” enabled and b) either you or the recipient does not have a data connection. Data must be sent and received in order for iMessage to function.

Why do my text messages turn from blue to green iPhone?

If a green message bubble appears instead of a blue one, the message was sent via MMS/SMS rather than iMessage.

text messages turn from blue to green on iPhone

This is due to a number of factors: 

The recipient of your message does not have an Apple device. On your device or the device of your recipient, iMessage is disabled.

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Why did iMessage turn green?

If the messages on your iPhone appear green, they are being transmitted as SMS text messages rather than iMessage, which is blue. Only Apple users may send and receive iMessages.

When writing to Android users or when you are not connected to the internet, you will always see green.

If the messages on your iPhone appear green, they are being transmitted as SMS text messages rather than iMessage, which is blue. Only Apple users may send and receive iMessages. When writing to Android users or when you are not connected to the internet, you will always see green.

How can I know if someone blocked me on iMessage?

If you were chatting with someone on iMessage before, and the color of your sent messages has changed from Blue to Green, it means they have blocked you.

Why are my text messages coming in as MMS?

A text message may become an MMS for the following reasons:

  1. A subject line is included in the message.
  2. The message contains images or attachments.
  3. The message is excessively lengthy.
  4. An email is being sent to one or more of the recipients.

This occurs on some phones simply because you are texting multiple people at the same time. Generally, your phone will notify you when it is converting your message to an MMS.

How do I stop my text messages from converting to MMS on Android?

To avoid charges, if your phone converts messages to MMS automatically whenever you send a message to multiple recipients, send messages individually or to very small groups at a time.

When contacts have email addresses associated with them, which are typically synced via Facebook or other apps, your message to them may be sent to their email address rather than their phone number. This will be billed as an MMS transaction.

Ensure that you check your contacts for email addresses to prevent this from happening. It is critical that you check for this because phones cannot send different types of messages to the same recipient in the same batch, and thus each message will be charged as an MMS.

Additionally, ensure that you stay within the text message length limit; this varies by phone, but most will notify you when you’ve reached your limit. Additionally, delete any images, sound clips, and even smileys from your messages.

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How do you turn off MMS on your iPhone?

To turn off MMS on your iPhone and to see what happens when you turn off MMS on your iPhone, watch the following video.

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