Hello, friends today I bring a mobile android and ios online battle royale game. exactly everyone knows this game. It’s Garena Free Fire online action battle royale game. This is an android game and a lot of kids most attract to this android game it is not a good thing but overall this is a smooth game. Keep reading to know about more things in  Garena Free fire

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a browser-based action/strategy game, based on the traditional card games of Spain. Garena is an ardent lover of history and ancient traditions and wishes to guide her forces through an epic clash against opposing Generals who want to control the region. If you love a good game with an immersive story and intriguing characters, then Garena Free Fire is perfect for you. The story begins with the discovery of two buried chests, one belonging to General Santa Ana and the other to his wife, Sofia. However, when Santa Ana launches his campaign to conquer the region once and for all, his troops manage to get hold of both chests only to have them ransacked by the enemy without any apparent foul play.

To regain the chests, the two Generals command their men to do their duty while simultaneously working to defend themselves from the hordes of attacking troops. As combat rages on and neither side seem to gain an upper hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide who will emerge victorious in this fierce encounter. Will the fate of both be sealed in the pages of history? The fate of entire humanity rests upon the shoulders of these two Generals who will face off against each other in what could be one of the largest and most desperate battlefield clashes of all time.

Garena Free Fire is highly engaging as it provides a great deal of replay value with a fast pace of play and a captivating storyline that pull you right into the game. You can spend hours playing this single-player browser game as you wait for the two Generals to clash. The realistic backgrounds, the amazing graphics, and the fantastic physics engine of the game make it highly appealing for mobile gamers, especially iPhone and iPad users who do not want to invest a lot of money in buying titles. To obtain all of the game’s bonuses and weapons, you must complete all levels within the time frame of seven minutes and forty seconds. However, if you think this game is too easy, you can always jump right into the multi-player battle portion which is just as exciting and challenging as the campaign mode.

Garena Free Fire Online Action Battle Royale Game


Free Fire Multiplayer is one of the more exciting flash games that are available online today. It is a fairly simple game involving three-dimensional figures jumping on a spinning top to shoot at enemies flying toward them from the bottom of the screen. It is extremely fun to play because of the fast pace and the unique graphics. If you enjoy playing games with lots of action and good controls then this game is worth checking out.

Free Fire Screenplay is another one of those multiplayer flash games that allow you to battle royale style. The game involves 10 different levels where you can battle royale style against the computer or other players online. You’ll need to defeat and fight against the other players for the highest score to win the game at each level.

To play Free Fire Multiplayer, just access the website where it is available. Select the Free Fire Gameplay icon and select the game you’d like to play, and you’ll be taken to the main menu. You can select from one of the three types of gameplay available – versus the computer, versus another player, or ranked season mode. There’s also a” Practice of Rankings” option if you would like to battle others to improve your ranking. This mobile game is worth checking out if you enjoy battling others in ranked season mode or if you enjoy the top diamond moves you see in the diamond charts.


Available Platforms

Android, IOS


Battle Royale, Multiplayer


You can download Garena Free Fire latest version in the google play store for android.

Download for Android

You can download Garena Free Fire latest version in the apple app store for IOS.

Download for IOS


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