Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping [Explained & Fixed]

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How to Fix, the Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping?

There are many ways to solve this problem, but none of them are pleasant, so let’s start with the easiest one-resetting your phone. But this method isn’t ideal, as you will need to restore all of your data and log into every account again. And it isn’t without its risks. Here are a couple of other options. This method is best for extreme cases, but it can be difficult to fix if the problem occurs frequently.

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In this article, we discuss almost everything you need to know about the market feedback agent in Android. So first you need to know that it is not a virus, nor a bug. It is always a system function that helps your phone run smoothly with some applications and processes.

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What is a market feedback agent?

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably heard of Market Feedback Agent. There are a lot of downloads and active daily users of this app, so chances are you’re familiar with it.

Still, if you’re having problems with this app, you should first make sure that you’ve installed the correct version, permissions, and settings before trying to fix it. If you still encounter problems, here’s how to fix them.

The Market Feedback Agent is a component of the Android System WebView. It allows apps like Food Panda to solicit feedback from users. Though it’s not critical to the Android system, its inclusion could help your device run smoothly.

To clear the Market Feedback Agent, simply press the power button and hold it until the menu appears. Once the menu appears, tap Clear data. This will close all apps and reboot the system. This should fix the problem.

How to fix the market feedback agent keeps stopping problems?

We have mentioned some ways to fix this problem at the beginning of this article. Instead of that, here is how you can fix the problem in no time on your own.

  • Install or rollback version of can not market Feedback Agent.

While adding new features and improving functionality, we should be aware that doing so may introduce bugs as well. The only options are to wait for a future update or go back to an older version. I know what you’re thinking. Honestly, I don’t think so.

If you want to downgrade an app from the Google Play Store, you’ll need to download it from a third-party site like APKMirror instead. To make matters worse, you must uninstall Market Feedback Agent before you can downgrade it.

  • Update the software on your phone.

If the message “Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping” persists after you’ve tried all of the solutions listed above, you might want to check for system updates. System updates, like app updates, bring stability, new functionality, bug fixes, and other enhancements to the system.

As a result, if you’re still using an old version of your phone’s software, you might be missing out on important features and stability. We recommend that you update your phone to the most recent version, especially if the issue is system-related, such as when the System UI on Android devices stops working.

Can I disable the market feedback agent?

You can also try to reset your phone to fix the issue. Resetting your phone is not a pleasant experience. You will have to re-enter all of your account information, which you might not want to do.

It also has its risks. If you cannot restart your phone for some time, you can also try other methods. Read on to find out how to fix this annoying issue. If you cannot get the message to go away, you can try force-stopping the app.

There are also ways to disable the Market Feedback Agent. You can use an app called ConfigUpdater, which will update the INI configuration file of an application without changing its functionality.

Also, there’s a current app that won’t uninstall. Google’s Partner Setup helps you run applications that use other products from Google. It allows you to use your calendar on your device with the ToDo app, but it requires intrusive permissions.

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Is the market feedback agent a virus?

As I have mentioned earlier, this app is not a virus. So there is nothing to worry about the security or any other relevant problems when this app crashes or works fine.

Sometimes an app will keep stopping and crashing when the user tries to use it. This is due to a system problem, and you may be able to fix it by restarting the phone.

To do this, simply hold down the power button on your Android phone for 10 seconds, or until the boot menu appears. Then, close all open apps and restart the system. This will erase any data and files from the app.

This app is a part of the Android System WebView, which is a vital component of many Google apps. You may wonder, “What is this application?” It is actually a part of the Android System WebView app, which makes it possible for other apps to call it. If you do find that the app is causing your problems, you should force-quit it immediately. You should also make sure you have plenty of space on your device.

How to disable the market feedback agent?

How to disable Market Feedback Agent? In Android, the Market Feedback Agent is a part of the system that allows apps to request feedback from users. While the Market Feedback Agent isn’t important for the system, it may be helpful to some users.

To disable this component, you can either force-stop the app or remove its permissions from your phone. However, this method comes with many risks. This article will cover other methods.

A system upgrade may fix the Market Feedback Agent. It may also bring about additional functionality and bug fixes. Lastly, updating phone software can fix the Market Feedback Agent issue on your device.

Ensure that you apply the latest version of your phone software. The Market Feedback Agent may not function properly if your phone is running an outdated version of the system. If you can’t access the update, try restarting the phone. This will restart your phone, close all apps, and reload the system.


Hopefully, we think you found what is the market feedback agent and the best solutions to solve market feedback agent keeps stopping in android? thank you for reading. and staying with us for more interesting things…

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