There is nothing more annoying than having an internet connection set up and getting the signals on your phone but still not being able to browse the internet because it shows “no network connection”. You have done everything perfectly such as the passwords and electricity working. But still, you are not able to use the internet.

There can be various reasons for your Wifi router not functioning well. One of them can be that they are no longer up to date and need instant replacement with a newer one. Another can be the call for rebooting and so on. Often, things might be not so easy to configure and they would require troubleshooting technicalities to get the problem resolved. Hence, this article will discuss how to solve these problems and get your routers working efficiently again.

How to fix no internet access

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Straightforward ways to fix your internet issues:

Following are some easy techniques to consider when facing the internet disconnection problem and they might work out fine.

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Often, the device has taken too much load and has heated up. Hence, by restarting it you can get it working again with a smooth flow of power. This approach clears the operating system and might solve the issue in the first attempt.

Check for an internet outage.

A lot of times people face internet outages thinking that only their router is having an issue. In case of an outage, the network connections are down in the whole area and no one has access to it. Hence, to get this confirmed you must do some research on the problem or call some friends to confirm if the same is happening with them.

Lastly, approach an internet service provider to get a notice on the issue, for instance, you can call the Xfinity phone number if you are facing any issue with your internet. While it may be one of the best out there outages tend to happen due to many natural reasons like earthquakes, floods, or other reasons like strikes or national shutdowns, but customer service is always there 24/7 for you.

Consult different websites.

One way to check the working of your internet is to visit a website and see if it loads. Then, visit another one. If one of them is not working while the other is, then it might be down for all users restricting the access. While if none of them is working then surely the issue is at your end.

Having access to none of the websites confirms that your internet service provider is lacking connectivity at the moment hence you should approach them to solve your query.

Access the Network’s home page by force.

Many places such as hotels and restaurants offer you free WIFI services to use. The only thing you have to do at your end is to log in to their network from the browser on a login page. However, in some cases that page might refuse to log in.

What do you do in this situation? Following are some shortcut codes provided that can get you access to that page being written in the browser bar.

  1. 1.1.1
  2. 1.1.1
  3. 168.1.1

Apart from these, the localhost server can also assist you in this.

Have your bills paid.

One of the most common ways of internet disconnection is not paying the bills on time. They might be unintentional as the user might have forgotten to pay it till the due date. To get this issue resolved, give a call to your network provider and pay the outstanding bill apologizing for the delay. then go online and set the payments to be done automatically at the required date to avoid these types of inconveniences in the future.

Get the Latest Fiber Internet connection installed.

The most modern and successful network services up to date are the fiber internet services. Hence, it is highly recommended to get them installed. Then you can enjoy tremendously fast internet whether you want streaming or are interested in any other activity. You will be free of slowdowns and disconnections as well as some outages that cannot affect the fiber internet.

The speeds on this particular internet range from anywhere between 100-1000Mbps mostly. Some providers might also offer you lower Mbps packages if you are not a high user. The prices for the subscriptions generally range from 35$ to 100$ per month but there can be exceptions also.

Due to having advanced technology, not all places have access to fiber internet services. But if you are from a place where you can get the connection then it is worth looking for an upgrade or a switch.

Reset the modem.

At times, the problem you are facing might be because of a high load of power at the back end. Hence, giving it a short power break might solve the issue in concern. Disconnect and reset it from the plug and get it started again with a gap of 5-10 minutes. This might solve the problem.

Change the Ethernet cable.

Keeping an extra Ethernet cable might save your time configuring the problem related to your internet. These cables do not have a long shelf life and can tear away in a while. Switching the cable with a new one can do the trick and get your connection working fast again.

Make an upgrade.

There are some modern standards for wireless connections and if your equipment does not meet those standards it might be out of power in no time. Hence, upgrading it would be the right thing to do.

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