Although there is much different weaponry in Resident Evil Village that may be discovered or acquired, neither of them is as dependable as such a trustworthy sidearm. The powerful Samurai Edge is only one of the fantastic weaponry to find in Resident Evil Village. Have you ever thought of Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI?

The simple pistol is a constant in Ethan’s inventory due to the quantity of pistol ammo as well as the variety of modifications for everyone. While attempting to conserve your priceless shotgun with grenade launcher ammunition, you’ll play the majority of the gameplay using a pistol in a classic Resident Evil manner. Thankfully, Ethan could discover a multitude of firearms to aid himself during his mission to save his child against Mom Miranda.

What Is LEMI In Resident Evil?

Ethan receives his first firearm with one of the local epidemic survivors. This LEMI will not really produce a lot of impacts, although it is accurate and simple to operate, as well as the magazines hold ten rounds at a time, so there is never a shortage of ammunition.

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A pistol called the LEMI may be improved with both the LEMI – High-Capacity Mag. as well as LEMI – Recoil Compensator aftermarket components. One of the early weapon modifications Ethan could discover would be the LEMI’s two different extensions. After taking down Bela Dimitriscu, you may find the Recoil Compensator that boosts armament.

Whereas Duke sells High-Capacity Magazines that double the amount of shots loaded. This LEMI may become a powerful pistol with more modifications out from Duke’s store, which Ethan could use to play the entire adventure.

Resident Evil Village

Although the LEMI Pistol, the very first handgun Ethan discovers inside the narrative, is really not worth keeping for the entirety of the match, it will serve as the person’s weapon of choice inside Castle Dimitrescu throughout the first playing, therefore enhancing that is worthwhile. Despite the fact that foes are greatly scaled back inside The Mercenaries level, its effectiveness is definitely a little bit poorer, making it helpful weaponry.

Level Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
Basic With Recoil Compensator Basic With High-Capacity Mag.
1 100 130 0.45 2.7 10 16
2 110 140 0.42 2.5 12 18
(6000 Lei) (6000 Lei) (3000 Lei) (2500 Lei) (4000 Lei) (4000 Lei)
3 120 150 0.39 2.3 14 20
(9000 Lei) (9000 Lei) (5000 Lei) (4000 Lei) (6000 Lei) (6000 Lei)
4 130 160 0.36 2.2 16 22
(12000 Lei) (12000 Lei) (8000 Lei) (7000 Lei) (10000 Lei) (10000 Lei)

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What Is Samurai Edge In Resident Evil?

Fans felt delighted to have seen this familiar weapon return inside the gameplay because it is a staple of the Resident Evil franchise. This Samurai Edge, a mainstay of said Resident Evil story, has indeed been employed several times by various series protagonists. Previously, in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Ethan utilized the Albert Wesker design.

Resident Evil Village’s Trauma Pack DLC contains The Samurai Edge, which may be acquired there. The Samurai Edge – AW Model-01, which was Chris Redfield’s primary weapon in Resident Evil 7, is just the same modified Beretta 92F that was used here. But it’s not even close to being as strong as it was in its prior form.

The only way to acquire this item is to pay actual money for it; once you do, it will be automatically added to the Gadget Box. The Samurai Edge in this edition deals more harm and also has a little higher probability of hitting the target in the brain. In Resident Evil Village, gamers are unable to improve the Samurai Edge. That is pathetic for such a DLC item and severely reduces the gun’s use.

It’s sort of unfortunate that now the Samurai Edge is so feeble that using it might increase the difficulty of the season following that players must pay some money to gain access to it. If players wish to increase the problem by utilizing a worse handgun, they shouldn’t ever occupy this same Samurai Edge during New Game Plus.


Level Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
1 110 0.4 2.6 9

Do you want to read a fair comparison between Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI? Find out below.

Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI

Only a minor portion of gameplay benefits from the Samurai Edge. It is not always worthwhile to purchase, whereas if the player intends to improve the LEMI. For players who intend to acquire 1911 subsequently, this does form a good backup handgun. Gamers may trade their LEMI and continue using it till 1911 arrives accessible because it just costs 200 Lei.

How do some contemplate Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge vs LEMI?

In contrast to Resident Evil 7, this AW Model-01 just marginally outperforms the entry-level LEMI handgun in terms of power. The Samurai Edge, on the other hand, is permanently locked at the very same characteristics as other LEMI.

Although the Samurai Edge’s initial numbers are superior to those of the LEMI, when it enters combat, it swiftly turns into a phantom tiger. Since the weapon cannot be upgraded or modified, it is somewhat blocking statistics than those of the LEMI are ultimate of little use. There are so many different weapons that it looks like they all have an advantage over this little; it’s just for longtime fans that adore the aesthetic of the legendary Samurai Edge.

Is Samurai Edge worth the Money?

Initial impression: Yes

There are a ton of gamers inside the league that view this pistol in a range of methods because beauty is subjective to an observer. Over the first few zombie confrontations, it would be preferable to use this starter pistol instead of the standard model because it performs somewhat stronger. That Samurai Edge has an excessive volume of unfavorable reviews.

Within the Magnification: It is a Deception.

It’s safe to say that this armament belongs in the bottom class. However, much worse than that is not what it is. If you acquire the Trauma Pack DLC, you can buy this gun when you first encounter The Duke. The pistol, though, cannot be improved and only slightly outperforms an un-upgraded LEMI in terms of performance. When some other firearm can be upgraded, such a gun is no longer helpful in absolute numbers.

Unlike many other handguns, this one cannot be improved or modified; thus, as the overall level of the gameplay steadily rises, this would lag behind everyone. The Samurai Edge is, to put it bluntly, crap towards the conclusion of a game.

Technically, it’s worthwhile

Gamers who purchase Samurai Edge would gain at least 185 Lei because it can be bought for nothing. Furthermore, it wouldn’t need to waste valuable storage space because it may be resold to a Duke as soon as it is received. The butchering work with the pistol isn’t that much of a concern because the Trauma Pack features additional pieces that can help justify the expense of such Trauma Kit plus Deluxe Version.

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