DICE developed Battlefield 1, a shooting game, and Electronic Arts published this game. Battlefield 1 is a famous game that many people play today. In this article you will learn whether you can you play splitscreen on battlefield 1.

When you are with friends and family, often in the evening, to get away from the dullness, everyone will love to play games. Thanks to today’s technology, there are various gaming consoles today which provide numerous games.

If you are alone at home, you can play online with other players as games will reduce your boredom. Among the most popular games, battlefield 1 is one such game that most people tend to play in their leisure time. By reading the article, you will gain some knowledge about this game and can you play split screen on battlefield 1.

Gaming is interesting when you play it with real players rather than the computer. Battlefield allows multiple players so that you can play this with friends and family. Many people often ask whether you can play splitscreen on battlefield 1 so that it will be convenient for two players to share the same screen.

You might have noticed the split screen option in other games where two people share the screen. One player will get one right half of the screen, and the other will get the left half. So, can you play split screen on battlefield 1? Read along the article to find whether battlefield 1 allows split screen.

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Can You Play Splitscreen on Battlefield 1?

Sharing the screen will be interesting, but unfortunately, the battlefield does not have the splitscreen option, so only one player can view the screen. You might get confused about how battlefield 1 will allow multiplayer to play simultaneously, you can play with others via the online multiplayer mode.

Some people also ask whether multiple players can play battlefield 1 when you are offline. Multiple players can’t play when the device is offline since battlefield 1 does not allow a splitscreen option. If the splitscreen option was there, then it would have been possible for multiple players to play when offline and online by sharing the same screen.

The only option if you want to play with multiple players is to use the online multiplayer option. If you are at a friends’ gathering and planning to play battlefield 1, you must ensure that all your friends have different consoles and internet connections.

If so, you will be able to play. Apart from the multiplayer mode, you also have the single-player mode, which you can play without an internet connection. Now you might be clear that the battlefield 1 console will not allow you to share the screen, although this is a very good multiplayer game.

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Is There a Splitscreen option on the Future Battlefield game?

Any battlefield gaming version present today does not have the split-screen option. If you are wondering whether this option will be available in future versions, then according to the game and its concept, there are no possibilities for this option to appear in the future as well.

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Why Battlefield 1 Does Not Have Splitscreen Option?

Here are some reasons why there is no splitscreen option on battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 is a shooting game, so anyone playing with you will be similar to an opponent. Therefore, during the game, you must be very secretive, and the players must not know about your game plans and where you are, so if you are sharing the screen with another player, the game will not have any sense as the other player will know every inch of your moves. Hence it is compulsory to have different consoles to play this game.

This game is unlike the splitscreen games, where around two to four players share the same screen. Instead, the battlefield game will allow 64 players at once when you are on the online multiplayer mode. Hence sharing the screen is impossible, and for you to view the game clearly, you must use a separate console. Suppose two or more players are playing on the same console, then it will be hard to view the game properly.

Battlefield 1

The whole concept of the battlefield 1 game is too oriented with the mindset of single-player, where you must solely play your part of the game, although it allows up to 64 players. So, you must stay safe during the game and play smartly. This is a first-person shooting game where you can play with multiple online players using your strategies.

The Xbox console will not be able to support split-screen, which is another reason why two players can’t share the screen.

Although old games like the car Forza motorsport and GT sport will allow split-screen options, it will be interesting for racing games. You can’t expect the same thrill when sharing the screen and playing a shooting game.

These are some reasons you cannot share the console with two or more players.

Pros and Cons of Battlefield 1

Before we say goodbye, here are some advantages and drawbacks of Battlefield 1.

Pros of Battlefield 1

The battlefield 1 game will have the World War 1 concept, which will match well for a shooting game. This game will provide different stories, and many players often like it as it is interesting to play online with many other players.

The concept of those first-person shooting games is quite interesting as everyone playing will have their consoles and be engaged with their gaming plans. If you love shooting games, this game will be a fantastic option using the online multiplayer mode option you can play with other people or friends. You can also play battlefield 1 alone using offline.

Cons of Battlefield 1

Some players with the experience of playing battlefield 1 game feel that the game is inconsistent since it is based on single-player. Although this game has a story, the chapters are very short. Since that game can accommodate up to 64 players, it might sometimes seem hard to play with too many players.

It would be best to have a proper internet connection to play with multiple players, as the offline option will only allow a single player and with the poor connection, it will be difficult to play. Another con of this game is that it takes too long to load, which seems disturbing to the players.

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