How to Optimize a Smartphone for Mobile Games

How to Optimize a Smartphone for Mobile Games: 12 Tips

Since the launch of multi-featured smartphones, more than thousands of games have flooded the market. This digital device has given a significant rise to mobile gaming. If the gaming performance of your smartphone is not as good as you would like it to be, keep on reading. How to Optimize … Read more

forge of empires and games like forge of empires

Top 10 Games Like Forge of Empires [Android & IOS]

Forge of Empires is one of the most popular games on Facebook and now it has come to mobile. This article will list 10 games like forge of empires for your android or iPhone. Some people might ask, “What are some good games like Forge of Empires?” If you’re looking … Read more

Games with Voice Chat

The 10 Best Games with Voice Chat [PC & Android]

Have you ever wanted to talk with your friends while playing video games with voice chat? You are not alone. Voice chat is an integral part of gaming, and it has improved over the years so that gamers can now enjoy a richer experience than before. In this blog post, … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Mobile Game Android and IOS

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Mobile Game? Android & IOS

Mobile games are a huge and growing industry. They’re not just for kids anymore! In fact, the average age of mobile gamers has increased from 26 to 34 in the past few years. The number of people playing mobile games is skyrocketing too; there were over 2 billion downloads globally … Read more

Top 10 mobile MOBA games

Top 10 mobile MOBA games for play

In strategy video games, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is a subgenre in which two teams of players fight against each other on a predetermined battlefield in which they may communicate with one another. Described as a hybrid of real-time strategy, role-playing, and action games, the genre has gained … Read more