What is hidden cache android? If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a question that deserves your attention. Cache files are often the culprit behind reduced performance on Android devices. By learning how to manage and clear cache files, you can speed up your phone or tablet. And we’re going to explain about hidden cache android and how to clear cache android. Keep reading to know…

What Is Hidden Cache Android?

Hidden cache android is the process of storing data for apps that are currently not in use. For example, if you download a new game or app and then never touch it again, Android will continue to store information related to how often you played that game/used this app even though you’re no longer doing so.

Also, a Hidden cache is a folder that is found in many smartphones. It contains cached images, audio files, and video clips for faster access to them. a cache can be used to store data that may not fit into the phone’s internal storage memory. This article will provide information on what the hidden cache Android is with tips on how to clear it out when needed.

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Why is cache important to Android?

The cache is important to Android because it speeds up the process of opening apps. The app doesn’t have to reload everything from scratch every time you open it; some of that data can be pulled from the cache, which makes the process much faster.

How to clear cache Android without Using any third party App

Hidden cache android or hidden cache files are the cached data or temporary files stored on your device to load apps faster and make them work smoothly over a period of time without any problem. Cache memory can be considered as an extension of RAM (Random Access Memory). There are various ways through which you can clear cache android. Clearing cached data on Android is a process that can help speed up your device, especially if it’s running low on storage space. The steps to clear cache may vary depending on the Android OS version you are using and the type of phone or tablet you have. Here are some general instructions:

To clear all cache in android devices:

  • Open Settings
  • Storage & USB (or General Management)
  • Scroll down until you see Cached data and tap it.
  • Tap Clear cache.

You can also clear app caches individually by:

  • Opening Settings
  • Apps & notifications
  • Select the app you want to clear data for, and then tap Storage
  • Clear cache

If your device runs low on storage space, you may want to consider clearing the hidden cache Android as well. This is a quick fix, but one that is worth trying.

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How to clear cache android in chrome browser?

Chrome is getting a lot of cache to mobile phones and all devices. so it’s a big problem for mobile storage space. And we can manage to free up some space by clearing the cache in the chrome browser.

Chrome browser clear hidden cache android

To clear hidden cache in android chrome:

  • Open Chrome and tap on the Menu (three dots) icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • Tap Settings from the list of options shown
  • Scroll down and look for the Clear browsing data option under the Privacy section, then tap it
  • Choose what option you want Basic or Advanced tab
  • Select time range you want to clear cache
  • Select and tick boxes you want
  • Tap Clear data
  • Now appearing what sites have a cache on your android chrome
  • Tick boxes what site you want to clear hidden cache and select clear
  • That’s it. You have now successfully cleared the cache in the Chrome browser on your Android device.

How to clear cache android in Mozilla firefox?

Just like the Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox also saves cache data on your Android device when you browse through it. This can take up a lot of storage space over time, so clearing the cache every once in a while is always a good idea.

To clear hidden cache android in Mozilla firefox:

  • Open Firefox and tap on the Menu (three lines) icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • Select Options from the list of options shown
  • Under General, tap on Cache.
  • Tap Clear now to clear all cache data

If you only want to clear cache for a specific website, follow these steps:

  • Open Firefox and go to the website whose cache you want to clear
  • Tap on the Menu (three lines) icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • Select History from the list of options shown
  • Tap Clear recent history… from the following window
  • A new window will open. From here, select Cache from the Time range to clear the drop-down menu
  • Tick the box next to Clear history
  • Tap on the Clear now button
  • That’s it, You’ve successfully cleared the cache for a specific website in Mozilla Firefox on your Android device.

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How to clear cache android in UC browser?

UC Browser is another popular browser that saves cache data when you browse through it. Clearing this cache can free up a lot of storage space on your Android device over time.

UC browser settings and clear cache android

To clear cache android in UC browser:

  • Open UC Browser and tap on the Menu (three lines) icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select Settings list of shown like Hexagon
  • Select the Clear Records option
  • Now here appear cookies, forms, history, and cache. select tick boxes you want to clear
  • Select clear to finish

UC browser clear records and hidden cache android

How to clear cache in android using a third-party app?

There are a number of third-party apps available on the Play Store that can help you clear cache data from your Android device. One such app is Cleaner, which is one of the most popular and highly rated cache clearing apps available.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Download and open Cleaner on your Android device
  • Tap on Cleaner from the menu list of options shown
  • Scroll down and tap on Cache. This will clear cached data stored in your android apps
  • Now You can successfully clear the cache with one simple swipe using Cleaner.

How often should clear cache memory be in android?

The answer is different according to the app you are using. If you want more free space on your Android device, clearing cache data once in a while may be of great help. However, remember that some apps will need cached data for smooth functioning and performance. Clearing cache too often might actually affect their working negatively instead of helping improve it.


Cache files are often the culprit behind reduced performance on Android devices. By learning how to manage and clear cache files, you can speed up your phone or tablet. Hopefully, here you got some really helpful information and guidance for knowing what is hidden cache android and how to clear your android device cache step by step. anyway if you have any problems comment below. Thank you, Good day!

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