If you are worried about thinking why is my ps4 so loud don’t panic anymore this is the right place. here I explain why ps4 has noises and how to solve this problem.

Why Is My PS4 So Loud? Tips for Fix It

Here have some simple tips for fixing ps4 so loud issue…

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Place ps4 vertically

If you find that your PS4 so loud, then it’s probably because the fan isn’t able to cool itself properly. This can be fixed by placing your console vertically instead of horizontally since this will allow airflow more easily and prevent overheating issues.

ps4 in vertical position
ps4 in vertical position

Keep ps4 in a ventilated place

If you have your PS in a closed cabinet or tight space, then this could be why it’s so loud. You need to make sure that there is ample airflow around the console when it’s running for best performance and to prevent overheating issues.

Why Is My PS4 So Loud? Reasons and Fixing

Here have 8 reasons why is my ps4 so loud and have how to fix it. so keep reading to fix your ps4 loudness…

“Warning: following these steps will void any warranty you may have”

The fan is clogged with dust

The fan is clogged with dust, and this happens quite often since we use the ps4 for long hours in a day. The best way to know if the problem is with the fan or not is by touching it when you switch on your PlayStation 4 and see if it’s hot or cold. If it’s warm then that means there is an issue with both the fan and the dust.

To clean it, you will need a can of compressed air, and you should direct the straw at each angle so that all the dust comes out. If there is still some dirt inside, then use a cotton bud to remove it gently. Do not apply too much pressure when cleaning or you might damage something else in the process.

If you don’t have a can of compressed air, then use an old toothbrush to clean it up and make sure the bristles reach every corner inside where dust is resting. You should also learn how to fix ps4 fan noise yourself as this will be needed if something goes wrong after cleaning the machine from all that dirt and dust.

Power supply failure

The power supply is a crucial part of your PlayStation 4 as it provides the necessary voltage for its operation. If there’s something wrong with this component, then you will have some problems which can range from just having a loud fan noise all the way up to not being able to turn on your PS4 at all.

PS4 has a hard time starting up and the power button is blinking

If you have tried turning it off and back on again but there’s no change, then consider replacing your power supply.

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High graphic games are making fans loud

Are you tired of thinking why is my ps4 so loud? Maybe it’s a usual problem. because games that require high-end graphics can cause your PlayStation 4 to overheat, and this will result in the fan turning on more frequently and noise. To resolve this issue, you can try one of the following,

  • Reduce the visual settings for games
  • Close all applications that are not in use
  • Turn off the PlayStation when you’re not using it
  • Install a cooler to keep your PS40 cool

A connection to the motherboard was not properly seated

Further, if you think why is my ps4 so loud. This issue is quite common, and it can be caused by a loose wire or something not being plugged correctly. To fix this, you will need to open up your PlayStation4 and reseat the cables that are connected to the motherboard.

There’s a loose wire in the system unit

If you have a noisy PlayStation, then there’s a good chance that one of the wires inside is loose and causing this issue. It’s not difficult to fix it yourself, but you will need some tools and patience. The steps are:

  • Turn off the PlayStation 4 and turn it upside down
  • Remove all screws from both sides of your system unit
  • Locate a screw that has a red wire attached to it, this is the power supply cable
  • Unplug the connector for this specific cable  by pressing firmly on each side with two fingers while pulling out at an angle towards you
  • Put the system unit back together and reattach all screws
  • Turn on your PlayStation and see if the noise is gone

The hard drive needs replacement or repair

If your PlayStation has been freezing a lot, turning off randomly, or giving an error message, then it’s possible that the hard drive is to blame. To find out if this is the case, you can go into Settings and select System Storage Management. If your HDD is full or corrupted, then you will need to replace it or take it to a professional for repair.

One of the fans is overworked and needs replacement or repair

When one of the fans is overworked, then it’s going to make a lot of noise and loud because this means that your PlayStation 4 isn’t able to cool itself. This can damage other components in the process and affect performance as well since overheating will lead to system errors or slower load times for games.

If you are not comfortable taking apart your PS4, then consider taking it to a professional.

ps4 in horizontal and why is my ps4 so loud
ps4 console in horizontal

PS4 is so old it can give noises

If you have a PlayStation 4 that is more than five years old, then there’s a good chance of it making some noise every now and again. This doesn’t mean your PlayStation 4 is broken; however, if the noise never goes away or continues to get louder over time, then something might be wrong with one of its components such as its fan or power supply.

A service check is needed to fix the noise issue

If you have tried everything else and the fan continues to be too loud, then it might be time for a full system check. Sometimes there’s an issue with one of its components that needs replacing, so this will take care of all those problems once and for all! You can take your PlayStation to a service center or send it in for repairs.

If this is an issue you face on a regular basis, then consider getting a new console instead of putting up with the noise day after day.

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Conclusion: Why is My PS4 So Loud

Hopefully, I think here you got really helpful things to fix why is my ps4 so loud your problem. so fix your ps4 noises and play games comfortably. Thank you, Good day!

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