Getting Windows ready stuck is a really frustrating thing. It can be difficult to get it back up and running, but there are some things that you can do to try and get the process moving again. In this blog post, we will go over to find how to fix getting Windows Ready Stuck.

Why Getting Windows Ready Stuck?

There are four reasons why the Getting Windows Ready Stuck can occur.

  1. The first reason is because of an issue with your connection to the internet or network that you’re trying to access this content on. This could be caused by a poor signal, wrong DNS settings, or even just not having permission to connect in general.
  2. The second reason is an issue with the server or website itself. This could be caused by a lack of resources on the end of the server, too much traffic for it to handle, or even just maintenance.
  3. The third reason is that your computer might be trying to download an update or install a new program at the same time, which is causing the issue.
  4. The final reason is your PC performance is very slow.

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How To Fix Getting Windows Ready Stuck?

Here have 10 ways to fix windows ready stuck error…

Stay a little bit of time

If getting windows ready stuck don’t think too much every time, patiently wait a few hours or minutes. maybe it’s going some updates in windows or affect your pc performance to ready.

Force restart your pc

Try to force restart your computer. This will often clear out any temporary files or processes that might be causing the Getting Windows Ready Stuck error message to show up.

Power off your pc

Shut down and power off your computer unplug all the CPU cables include the ethernet cable and wait 10 or 20 seconds. after 10 or 20 seconds plug again all cables properly. now try to power on your pc.

power on/off and restart switch in computer
power on/off and restart switch

Check internet connection

If you are having issues getting windows ready stuck while trying to access any kind of content on the internet, then you should first check your network connection. Make sure that everything is plugged in correctly and try to reset the router or modem if possible.

Check latest updates

It might be an issue on your side of the computer so try to uninstall any updates or programs that were recently installed and see if this solves the problem before trying anything else.

Check malware & viruses

Try fixing getting windows ready stuck is checking for malware, viruses, and other problems on your computer. Programs like Malwarebytes and Norton can help to clean up any infected files that are causing the issue.

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Try startup repair to windows

If you’re still having issues after trying these methods, another solution should be to try and run the Startup Repair tool. This can help to fix many common errors that might occur when starting up Windows.

Windows 7 startup repair option
Windows 7 startup repair option

How to do startup repair in windows?

  • You will need a Windows installation disk (windows format disk) or a windows bootable USB to do a startup repair.

When your computer turns on, you should see a black screen with some information about the manufacturer of your PC. You will have to press F12 or another key that gives you access to the boot menu (it varies from computer to computer) and then use the arrow keys to select Startup Repair from the list of options. This will run through a number of automated checks before starting the repair process.

Format your PC (erase windows)

Windows 10 install, to fix getting windows ready stuck
Windows 10 installation

Further, if still experiencing issues with getting windows ready stuck, then your other solution should be to format your PC. This will erase everything on your computer and allow you to start fresh.

Be sure to back up any important files before doing this.

Improve windows performance

Maybe it might be possible that there is an issue with some of the files or processes that are running on your PC. In this case, you can try to improve Windows performance by disabling some of the visual effects that might be slowing down your computer.

You can do this by going to Control Panel > System and clicking on Advanced system settings. From there, click on Settings under Performance and select the Adjust for best performance option. This will disable some of the more resource-intensive visual effects in Windows.

Find a technical support

Lastly, If you have tried all of the above steps, and you are still having issues with getting windows ready stuck error message on your PC then it is time to contact a technical support specialist for help.

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Here explained the reasons and how to fix the getting windows ready stuck problem. hopefully, thinks this article may helpful for you. Thank you, Good day!

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