Why is My PS4 Running Slow? [Every Aspect clarified]

We feel there is nothing left to explain the frustration of freezing and lagging PS4. Although they are pretty much fast, due to certain issues, PS4s can get annoyingly slow and take a long time to open. If you are wondering thinking why is my PS4 so slow, you are at the perfect place to get solutions.

In this article, we will explain why is my ps4 so slow and how to fix as well as easy remedies that you can execute without much of a fuss. Let’s get started without further ado.

Why is my PS4 so slow? [Reasons and solutions for a slow PS4]

We have identified several major contributing factors for a lagging PS4 and what you can do in such circumstances. Let’s see.

1. Erroneous hard drive

If the ps4 hard drive is faulty or not at its fullest condition, you would obviously come across a slow PS4. Unusual noises and behaviors are two prominent symptoms of an erroneous hard disk. If this is the case with your machine, you will have to change the ps4 hard drive or scan the drive. However, you have to possess a considerable amount of knowledge to execute it as taking apart the device is involved with the process.

Following is the step by step on how to change the hard drive of a PS4; again, we are insisting you be cautious with your actions.

How to change the hard drive of a PS4 [Step by Step]

1st step – First of all, turn off the PS4 game console. In order to bring the PS4 off, you will have to press the power button for around 6 to 7 seconds. Once you hear two beeps going off, it says that your machine is completely turned off.

2nd step – then remove all the cables that are connecting with the console. Be gentle when you are pulling out the cables.

3rd step – in order to remove the hard disk, slide the shiny part (bay cover of the hard disk) to the left side of the console.

4th step – Before you come to a conclusion of changing with a new one, inspect whether the removed one is in good shape. If you want to change the existing disk, keep in mind that it requires installing new software to work with the new one. Watch the following video to know more about it.

Video by YourSixStudios YouTube Channel

Even though we explained this as the initial step, it would be if you test and try the following before you do anything with your hard disk as implementing one or a few of the below troubleshooting methods would answer your question of why is my PS4 so slow without much of a problem. So, keep reading.

Why is my ps4 so slow
ps4 player

2. The internet connection

Internet connection is a big effect on why is my ps4 so slow. It’s a no-brainer to explain the connection between the poor internet connection and freezing and lagging PS4s. If your internet connection is poor, you cannot expect your machine to provide the job you anticipate from it.

If your console works fast when you use it offline and struggle online, it might be because of a ps4 running slow internet connection. Here are some of the things you can do for a faster internet connection

Move the console closer to the router

If your device has a considerable amount of distance from the router, try bringing both of them closer and see whether it has a positive impact on the issue of connection over wifi.

Remove other devices

Yeah, when there are multiple devices such as consoles, computers, and even microwaves in the connection, it can lead to a slow PS4 console. Even heavy on-going downloads too contribute to the same. So, try to remove them temporarily and check the condition of the problem.

3. Software issues

Still, if you thinking why is my ps4 so slow? it’s might be a software issue. It is unfair to put the blame on the hard disk or any other hardware if the issue is with the PS4 system software. So, we strongly recommend you to check whether the software is properly installed and up to date.

When it comes to installing the system software, it is imperative to have a good internet connection and components of the console to be in good shape. As an example, an unexpected failure of hardware can bring about various types of concerns regarding the system software of your PS4.

You can try to install the system software from scratch to overcome the issue. If not, you will have to remove the game and install it again (read the below step).

4. Faulty game installation

Most of the time this error is due to Faulty game installation, But not knowing that. everyone is worried thinking about why is my PS4 so slow.

Perhaps you are dealing with corrupted games files, thus experiencing lag issues on PS4.

In this case, you would experience slowness in the PS4 with only a particular game or app. coming out of such situations is relatively easy compared to other troubleshooting methods.

To fix it, all you have to do is uninstall and reinstall the problematic game or app. Further, inappropriate or unsuccessful updates also can have a say in this. The remedy is the same; reinstalling the game would fix it as well.

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5. Clogged database

Why is my PS4 so slow? It might be a result of a clogged database. PS4’s database has a tendency to get clogged over time leading to a sluggish machine. If this is the case, you will have to rebuild the database, which is not a Himalayan task to execute.

Why is my ps4 so slow

By doing that, you can expect a good boost to the performance of the PlayStation 4 and minimize the chances of freezings and laggings.

Here is how you clear a clogged PS4 database,

1st step – First, you need to power off the device. You can follow the steps that we elaborated on early to achieve a successful kill.

2nd step – now, boot the PS4 into safe mode. In order to do that, press and hold the power button of the device for about 6 to 7 seconds until you come across a second beep sound.

3rd step – then, you need to connect the DualShock 4 controller to the device via a USB cable. You do this step because of the unavailability of Bluetooth (Bluetooth is not available in Safe Mode).

4th step – In safe mode, you will see an option saying “Rebuild Database.” Click on this to create a new save database for all existing content. The time of rebuilding the database depends on the number of files you have in your system. So, be patient until it completes.

5th Step – Once it is done, it is advisable to see whether there are any updates by clicking “update system software.” Finally, check how your machine performs after rebuilding the database. Most probably, your PS4 so slow and lagging problem should be over by now.

You can get a better understanding in this video.

How to make PS4 run faster?

Ok, guys, here are other things to avoid the why is my ps4 so slow problem. before we say adios to you, let us explain on few methods that you can use to boost the performance of your PlayStation 4 and you can up your ps4 performance to the best level in these methods.

1. Keep enough disk space all the time

To prevent a sluggish PS4 it is vital to have enough disk space; otherwise, you are putting pressure on your machine to do the job. Nowadays, it is obvious that most games eat a considerable amount of space from your disk. So, identify the unnecessary games and files, remove them to get some free space to maintain the speed of the PS4 console.

2. Clean the device physically

Leaving the inner component unattended for longer periods of time would promote the deposits of dust, which is one of the major reasons to hinder the performance of your PS4. Although it is not a cakewalk to clean the inner parts of the device, you should take the necessary implementations to keep it clean all the time. Also, we recommend you not to use the PS4 in places that are dusty to prevent dust and debris from creeping inside the machine.

3. Install latest game updates

This mistake will also motivate you to think about why is my ps4 ps4 running slow. So make it a habit to check for the available online game and offline game updates. The game developers often release new updates in order to fix bugs and other minor malfunctions of the games. So, if you are running an outdated game on your PS4, it would cause various issues, including frustrating lags.

In fact, this is a process that happens automatically in PS4s. However, if you play games offline, it might not happen automatically as it should. It’s better to keep an eye on the game updates rather than fully depending on automatic updates.

Why is my ps4 so slow
ps4 console

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4. Consider having an SSD

This is the biggest solution to get rid of for why is my ps4 so slow. Because PS4’s stock hard drives aren’t the fastest, and they take more time to load games and maintain a smooth gameplay. If you can, consider upgrading the drive to a 7200RPM disk. The best option we suggest is to go with an SSD.

That said, SSD drives are expensive; if you can put all that money towards a PS5, you would get a machine with a built-in SSD. So, consider that aspect as well. Also, you can try an external hard drive to your PlayStation 4 to get more storage without any lag.

5. Check game settings

Now don’t think why is my ps4 so slow? but still maybe if your ps4 so slow this can be you can try this solution. Yes, some games allow you the cushion of controlling at what settings the game is played. See whether there are options to minimize the lags. If they have an option to play with the graphic quality, for instance, you can definitely prevent a sluggish PS4.

Conclusion – Why is my PS4 so slow?

So, guys, Please let us have your answers to the question of why is my PS4 so slow. We think this is not a question for you anymore and if you have any grey spots regarding the points we discussed, please let us know your concern in the comment section. Have a great day!

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