Apex Legends is certainly a game you must consider if you are searching for a challenging PvP FPS game in the market. Sure, there are many other titles that one can enjoy in the Battle Royale FPS genre, as it is a heavily congested category with many dependable games.

But Apex Legends does offer something different that has made it one of the trendiest games in the last couple of years. And while there is a fun element to the game, resulting in many casual players in the lobby, you will not find this game to be easy.

With different game agents, all with unique abilities, one can expect to be surprised at every turn. Even when you have the best Apex Legends cheats, you might struggle with dominating the game. But here are six tips and tricks that will help you become the champion of Apex Legends.

1.   Loot is the name of the game.

Yes, the name of the game is Apex Legends, but the point stands – if you want to win in Apex Legends, you need to make looting your priority numero uno. Whether it is collecting resources found in the game or downing an opponent and taking their gear, whatever you do, get that important loot ASAP. Prioritize armor, helmets, ammo, and even weapons, and do not focus on unnecessary items; after all, your inventory is limited.

Apex Legends Loot

2.   Always carry extra ammo.

It is always better to carry something you might not need than not have it when needed. No, we are giving you a life mantra; this is actually a tip that will come in quite handy for you in the game. You will burn a lot of your ammunition during the gameplay. There is no getting around to this; you will spend your ammo even faster than expected. You should prepare accordingly for this. While you can make some compromises when it comes to your secondary weapon, your primary should have more than enough ammo and then some extra.

3.   Use the ability whenever possible.

It would not be surprising at all if you forget that your character has a unique ability that you can take advantage of. Apex Legends, at its core, is still an FPS game, which is what makes it so unique. Sure, the developers have added certain elements that turn purists of tactical shooter games off. Nevertheless, you should not ignore your “Legend’s” abilities. In fact, we would recommend you use them more and more when possible in your gameplay.

The abilities in Apex Legends recharge pretty quickly and hence would be ready for you to call on whenever you require them. Take the case of Bloodhound; its scan ability to check the surroundings can significantly bolster a player’s chances of success. So, benefit from it.

Apex Legends Gameplay

4.   Keep an eye out on your shield.

The importance of a shield in Apex Legends does not need much explaining; in fact, it is valid for all FPS games. However, in Apex Legends, taking care of your shield is even more critical. Not only do you need to be watchful about its condition, but you also need to replenish your shield whenever you are hit. It would only take three seconds during the gameplay, but it can have a massive difference in a close fight.

Also, to fill the bar, you would only need three seconds, but for a sunrise, it would take five. So, plan accordingly.

5.   Take the enemy’s armor.

It would be wise to check the enemy’s body and box after downing them. Yes, this point is an expansion to the first looting point, but here we are specifically asking you to look for armor. There’s always a chance that you’ll find perfectly fine armor on the player’s body or in their inventory. It is faster to equip a new armor than repair a damaged one.

Apex Legends champions

6.   The game has no fall damage.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; Apex Legends literally have zero fall damage, something you can benefit from. Not only can you jump from any height, but you can even slide down a slope to dodge enemy fire without worrying about the damage to your health bar; it is much faster than simply running away. The possibilities are simply endless.

There is much to explore in Apex Legends. There is no crack strategy that will help you dominate the game without much effort. But if you include these above-listed tips in your gameplay, you will be a champion in the game in no time.

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