10 Best Artificial Intelligence Based Android Apps in 2023

AI has always been the talk of the town!

It never fails to surprise humans with its intelligence. No other field of science and technology has seen such a surge in interest or demand.

Today, nearly every industry uses artificial intelligence (AI), from travel and business to leisure and healthcare, from high-tech robotics to AI apps, it is everywhere.

There are some well-known AI based android apps that have increased the user’s expectations. Let’s find out why these apps are the best Android Apps

1. DataBot

DataBot is an Android personal assistant app. Like Jarvis, it can speak back to the user in answer to any command or enquiry. Visuals, voice searches, and multimedia displays are also produced by the integrated apps and services.

The virtual assistant can research any questions you have on Google, Wikipedia, an RSS feed, or another website. DataBot will automatically provide a summary of the findings that include your answer.

You can use it on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet because it is a web service. The language, voice, name, and behaviour of the virtual assistant can all be customised by the user.

By keeping track of your schedule, storing notes and reminders, setting alarms, and looking up contacts, DataBot may serve as your personal assistant. It can have conversations with users that sound natural and pick up new words from their responses.

2. Elsa Speak

It’s one of many artificial intelligence applications that can help users with pronunciation and vocabulary. The user can also expand their vocabulary to improve verbal fluency.

It is used across the globe to develop English-speaking abilities and get ready for exams like the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Top experts created speech tests to assist users in learning and highlight the areas that need improvement and where they are performing well.

3. Socratic

Google created Socratic as a tool to assist students in learning and answering questions anytime, anywhere. Students in high school and college can use this Android app to leverage artificial intelligence to help them understand challenging course content.

It provides you with access to the top informational pages on the internet according to your query. The application will produce the most promising internet results to assist the user in understanding the query when the questions are asked using the voice or camera of a smartphone.

Also, it makes it easier for individuals to find topics they want to learn more about at their own pace. Socratic has collaborated with a number of educators and subject matter specialists to create visual explanations for difficult situations. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, physics, history, and literature are just a few of the subjects that users of Socratic can take courses in.

4. Cortana

Microsoft’s Cortana is yet another android app that offers a personal assistant with artificial intelligence. Wherever you travel, this portable assistant can help you remember the things that matter the most.

It can be a useful tool to create reminders for to-do tasks. You will receive a notification on your computer and a reply message if you miss a call. By understanding the user’s preferences for things like music genres and sports teams, Cortana can make recommendations based on those preferences.

5. Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the top AI apps for Android. There are many different things you may ask it to do, such as play music, make grocery lists, ask about the weather and more.

Alexa uses artificial intelligence to learn the user’s voice, language, and preferences. The future experiences with Alexa are customised the more a consumer interacts with her.

You can control and keep an eye on the smart appliances in your house, including your smart locks, thermostat, and lighting. It makes managing Alexa-enabled devices, music, books, time management, and other things easier.

6. Face App

FaceApp can be used by users to improve their images. You can alter your selfie to make it like a model’s portrait, put on makeup, modify your hair, etc. It helps you create images that are social media-worthy!

A wide variety of artificial intelligence filters, backdrops, effects, and other tools are available for enhancing images with the Face App. With just one tap, you can get a flawless, lifelike edit. You don’t need to learn how to use Photoshop anymore.

7. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant. It is made with a  goal to simplify your life as it is useful for entertainment, smart home management, and time management.

You can start the process by just saying “Ok Google” followed by your query.

By using Google Assistant, you don’t have to pick up the phone, type out messages, and create emails. Simply ask Google to carry out these duties on your behalf. It can assist you in organising your day, including scheduling appointments, gathering information online, and locating your destination.

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8. Fyle

Fyle helps you monitor your spending. It is useful in managing business travel and expenses. The user only needs to take a picture of the appropriate receipt to enter expenses.

For independent contractors, accounting companies, and single owners, this artificial intelligence programme was developed to make the tedious task of entering business expenses into a spreadsheet much easier.

The Fyle app is beneficial for businesses of all sizes because it helps staff in monitoring their expenditure. The expenses are in compliance with corporate policies and promptly notifies the users if any errors are made.

9. Replika

Replika is one the renowned chatbot technology wherein its interactions are powered by AI and ML. Each chatbot has its own internal diary and memory store in which it records how it feels about the user and their interactions.

The information that has been recorded about users, such as “You feel lonely” or “You like to read books,” can be viewed and modified. Based on these memories, the chatbot adjusts its responses.

Keeping memories can improve the chatbot’s ability to have conversations. Experience points (XP) are awarded to users when they interact with their Replika.

10. Swiftkey

The Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard uses artificial intelligence to learn your typing patterns and help you type more quickly and accurately.

Using your personalised keyboard, you can type and send stickers, GIFs, and emojis. SwiftKey, a swipe keyboard from Microsoft, continually picks up on your unique typing habits and adapts to them, whether they are slang, nicknames, distinctive typing patterns, frequently used words, or emojis.


To increase productivity and deliver a more personalised experience, Artificial Intelligence Android apps can learn from the behaviours and preferences of its users. Apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have elevated the concept of “ease of service,” and they will continue to do so in the future.

AI-based apps should be your next move if you run a forward-thinking business that wants to grow by utilising cutting-edge technologies.

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