You are streaming on twitch and suddenly want to play a different game. How do you change the game without stopping your stream? Here are some tips for how to change game on twitch while streaming!

You can change the game on twitch while streaming by using

  • Hotkey
  • Overlay
  • Webcam

How to Use a Hotkey to change the game on twitch while streaming

Let’s start with the easiest way to switch games on Twitch: The Hotkeys! Using these “HotKeys” you can quickly change from one game to another. To set them up go into OBS and click settings -> Hotkey Manager.

  • On the Hotkey Manager, click “Add” and set up a hotkey to change your game on twitch. Make sure this is far away from any other buttons you might use for OBS! I usually choose F12 as it’s right next to my microphone which makes sense because if you need to switch games then it’s probably because your stream went over to a game you didn’t want.

Now that you have set up the hotkey, go ahead and switch games on Twitch! Be sure to make it clear in chat what is going on so people know where their eyes need to be when they come back from watching another channel or looking away from the screen for a moment.

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How to Use an overlay

Now let’s say you want to use an overlay on your screen for switching games while streaming? This can actually be a lot of fun and it makes it easy for viewers because they will know exactly what game is playing even if they missed the switch! You don’t need any fancy graphics or expensive software, just download OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and follow the steps for making an overlay.

  • In OBS, click “Sources” -> “Add”. Set up a new source as you normally would but make sure it is set to capture your webcam feed! Then go into filters on that same page and add one called “Image Mask.”
  • You can use this filter in order to have an image of your choice appear over the webcam feed. For example, I use a photo of “Mario” so that people can see what game is being played at all times even if they are not watching my Twitch channel.

Now you’re ready to go! Get streaming on twitch and try switching games with this overlay technique! You will definitely have fun with this one.

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How to Use webcam:

The last way to switch games on Twitch is the most simple: Your game’s webcam feed! This method works great if you’re playing a game that has an in-game camera like Mario Kart or Overwatch.

Just open your game and go into video settings -> Advanced -> Show Game Camera. You can then use a third-party app like OBS in order to have a video feed come up of what is going on in the game. Just set it up just as you would for an overlay!

Now that your webcam is showing, all you need to do is go into chat and let people know when there’s been a change so they don’t miss anything!

With these tips, you should be able to change your game on Twitch without any issues. Just try all of them out so that you know multiple ways for changing games while streaming.

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