How to Download Videos on Youtube for Free

There’s no denying that YouTube is the go-to streaming platform for those looking to watch videos and clips and whatnot. However, when attempting to download videos from YouTube without paying, you will quickly discover that this platform, like everything else, has its limitations. Some videos can be watched offline, but unfortunately, you can’t download them. That said, you may be wondering how to go about downloading videos from YouTube to watch offline.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a short guide on how to download videos on YouTube for free, as well as other streaming platforms you might want to try aside from YouTube.

How to Download YouTube Videos on PC

Before anything else, we’d like to be clear that downloading videos from YouTube is in breach of their terms of service, and they can sue you for it. However, many people have been doing this, but they haven’t taken any legal action about it. So, it’s a risk that it’s up for you to take. Here’s how you can download YouTube videos on your PC.

1. Find a YouTube downloader software

There are several YouTube downloaders you can find online, and the best thing is they are free. Some require you to download them directly to your computer, while others can be done on a specific website. Some of these websites are SaveFrom, FastestTube,, and more.

2. Go to YouTube

Once you’ve found a reliable YouTube downloader, you simply need to go to YouTube and find the video you want to download.

Simply copy the link, go to the YouTube downloader, and paste it on the bar provided on the website.

4. Click download and wait

Once you’re done pasting the link, simply click the download button. Some downloaders may give you the option to choose the video resolution, so just choose according to your preference, click download, and wait for your video. Then, that’s it. You can now enjoy the video off YouTube.

Whether you need the video for a school project, a presentation, or simply for entertainment, you can easily download it by following this simple guide. Now, let’s talk about alternatives.

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Streaming Services You Should Try aside From YouTube

YouTube is definitely a legend when it comes to streaming services. However, with the rise of other streaming platforms, there are a lot of services that you need to try and discover. Here are a few.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is becoming a popular streaming platform for those who love watching cable TV. It’s an excellent alternative to YouTube TV, and it’s significantly much cheaper than most cable services. Sling TV offers three packages, Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue. It also gives you the freedom to add different channels you want to, so you don’t have to pay for the content you don’t need.

sling tv

2. Planet Dish

Planet Dish is an excellent streaming platform that gives you a massive content library and live TV channels at a competitive price. If you’ve recently cut the cord or still planning to, you can definitely opt for this streaming service. Planet Dish also offers you a 2-year price guarantee, free installation, and more.

Planet Dish

3. Go Latino TV

If you’re in a Spanish household, Go Latino TV is definitely a must for you. It offers all Spanish channel essentials your parents love to watch and a selection of local American TV channels. It’s an affordable streaming service as well, especially if you consider all the freebies you’ll get when you sign up.

Go Latino TV

4. Netflix

If you haven’t tried subscribing to Netflix, then you’re definitely missing out. It offers a wide range of content that you can enjoy with your friends, family, kids, and partner. It is also not as expensive as other streaming services. However, it has been continuously increasing its monthly fee for the past years, so we’re not sure if it’ll still stay that way.


Nonetheless, Netflix is not the biggest streaming platform for nothing. So, if you enjoy YouTube with all the content from YouTubers, Netflix isn’t going to fail you when it comes to movies, TV series, and documentaries.


Downloading videos on YouTube has now become easy, especially since there are several paid and free tools you can use. However, it’s also essential to keep in mind that by doing so, you’re still violating their terms of use. So, make sure to download YouTube videos with caution. It’s also great to explore different streaming services that might be suitable for your viewing needs and preferences.

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