How To Find Hidden Apps On Samsung [All Clarified]

If you own a smartphone or are just interested in them, you’ve probably heard about hidden applications for Android devices. Such hidden apps may have been pre-loaded on mobile devices or may have been hidden on purpose after being installed by the user.

Additionally, certain hidden apps that Android installs on smartphones to maintain device productivity and security checks have been discovered.

Teenagers occasionally like hiding applications on their Android devices for their usage, such as messaging and chat apps and video streaming apps. There are some app developers who provide you with the facility of internal encryption. You can encrypt apps but still, you hide some apps from others.

Because of this, you should be able to check for hidden applications on your child’s device or detect hidden apps on your Android phone. The home screen of the phone may display apps in a good style, however, it doesn’t display all the Android devices that have been loaded.

In this particular article, we will tell you how to find hidden apps on your Samsung phone.

Why are Apps Hidden on Samsung?

Due to its personalization feature that allows users to remove unnecessary applications from the app drawer and home screen, Samsung is one of the most well-liked smartphones among consumers. Therefore, the hidden apps feature is the perfect choice if you want to safeguard your vital applications or have sufficient checks and balances on sensitive apps.

On your Samsung smartphone, hide programs to prevent friends, family members, and children from using it. If your phone does not support hidden apps, you can download third-party app launchers that can accomplish that goal.

When you want to hide business apps at home, this technique could be useful. You don’t want to be interrupted by pointless notifications when you’re talking to your kids, or maybe you hide entertainment software from view while you’re at work. The greatest choice out of all is to use hidden applications.

If you want to eliminate pre-installed applications but can’t, think about deactivating or forcing the app to stop and conceal it. This can help you limit the number of apps in your Apps Tray and on your “Home screen.” You could learn how to swiftly remove from your Apps Tray and add them back in again.

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How to Find Hidden Apps on Samsung?

Here are 3 quick ways to locate hidden spy applications on Android phones if you wish to look for any secret or hidden spy programs.

Option 1. How to use the App Drawer to view hidden apps.

  1. On the home screen’s bottom center or bottom right, tap the “App Drawer” icon. On the home screen, this often appears as two rows of three dots or squares;
  2. Then click the menu button. Depending on the version of Android you are running, this appears different. However, this typically appears as three dots, three bars, or a settings “gear” at the top of the list of programs.

Click the “menu” button if it is present on your Android device in the bottom-right corner of the screen;

  1. Press the “Show hidden apps (applications)” button. This lists every app that has been made inaccessible from the home screen and app drawer;
  2. There might not be any hidden apps if the mentioned option does not display;
  3. Just to make sure that there are no hidden apps on Android smartphones, tap ‘All’ to view a list of all apps;

Option 2. How to use the settings app to view hidden applications.

  1. Go to Settings on your Android (usually looks like a gear). Usually, it may be located in the app drawer or on the home screen;
  2. Tap “Apps” after scrolling down. On certain devices, this could go by the name “Applications.” You should now be able to view a list of every app on the device in many circumstances;
  3. Now tap ‘All’. Some devices may allow you to tap ‘Hidden’ to view hidden apps on their own. This will show all the applications on your Android smartphone, even ones that are hidden from the home screen and app drawer (if you’re running Android 5.0 or older, slide right to left twice to reveal the choice);

Option 3. How to use an Android file manager to view hidden apps.

Here are some quick instructions for utilizing the Android File Manager’s ‘ES File Explorer to locate hidden programs on Android:

  1. The Google Play Store, then install the most recent version of the file manager “ES File Explorer”;
  2. open ES File Explorer next;
  3. Slide the menu drawer right then Tools;
  4. Next, scroll down and select “Show hidden files” from the menu;
  5. All of the secret applications on your Android phone are now visible;
  6. Disable the “Show Hidden Files” option if you wish to re-hide the applications;


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