Samsung Galaxy is another android smartphone that came in December 2020. This phone has many advanced features, and you can find it in white, black, and blue colors. In this article, you will learn about how to screenshot on galaxy A12. When you use the latest smartphone at the initial stage, you will have to learn how to use them as the new version will have changes.

Similarly, many people newly using galaxy A12 often ask how to screenshot on galaxy A12. If you are also using this phone and trying to figure out the method to take a screenshot, then by reading the article, you will know the different techniques you can use to take screenshots in your galaxy A12.

Taking a screenshot is an essential feature that most smartphone users will expect. Some smartphones will require an additional app to take screenshots, but the galaxy A12 will not require such applications. Suppose you are using a smartphone for academic purposes, then you can get the screenshot of the note you can later refer to it.

During any zoom discussion or meeting, you can take a screenshot and save it if you find any important slide and cannot note it down quickly. Hence in several ways taking screenshots will be helpful. Continue reading the article to learn how to screenshot on galaxy A12.

Features of Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung released the galaxy A12 in 2020, which is 164 × 75.8 × 8.9 mm in size, and this phone will weigh 205 grams. When purchasing a phone, most people will check on the screen size as a bigger screen will allow you to view the screen more conveniently.

The screen size of the galaxy A12 is 6.5 inches/ you must also check the resolution to know whether they will have a quality display on your phone’s screen. This phone will have a resolution of 720 × 1600 pixels.

Another aspect that you need to know about the phone is its capacity, the galaxy A12 will have a RAM capacity of 3GB, 4GB, or 6GB, and the internal storage capacity available in this phone is 32GB, 64GB, or 128G. If you need a higher capacity phone, you can purchase the galaxy A12 with 128GB storage.

Unlike the IOS phones, you can charge the battery in your android phone and use it for a long time as the battery life is long. Your Samsung galaxy A12 will stay for around 31 hours once you completely charge it.

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How to Screenshot on Galaxy A12?

If you feel it hard to take screenshots on your phone, don’t worry; reading the correct article will help you know how to screenshot on galaxy A12. A few methods to take screenshots in your galaxy A12 are mentioned below.

1st Method

Suppose you need to take a screenshot of a post, image, or slide, then go to that screen in Samsung A12 and press both the power and volume buttons together. Now you will hear the click sound, and the screenshot you took will be in your gallery. To view the screenshot, you can go to the gallery on your phone and check the recently added photos. This method is how you take a screenshot using the combination keys.

2nd Method

You can also take screenshots without pressing any button by setting your Samsung galaxy A12 with the appropriate setting. You might wonder how you can do this and you must first go to the setting on your phone and then, go to the advanced setting.

There you will find an option for motion and gestures. Click on it. Then you find a feature mentioning palm swipe to capture, and you must enable this option. Now go to the screen you need to capture. When you swipe the screen, you can obtain a screenshot of it, which you can view in the recently added photos.

3rd Method

Another method to take screenshots in your galaxy A12 is by using the assistant menu. To enable this feature, go to the setting on your phone. You must click on the accessibility option and then on interaction and dexterity. Now you will see the assistant menu enable this feature.

Next, you can locate the screen in which you need to take a screenshot, and the go to assistant menu you will now find a new icon that will say screenshots. When you click on that, you can capture a screenshot of the required screen.

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4th Method

You still have more ways to take screenshots in your Samsung galaxy A12. The following method is by using the accessibility menu. First, to use this feature, you must enable it by going to the settings. After going to the setting, click on accessibility. There you will find an option for installed services. Click on that then you can find the option accessibility menu.

Samsung Galaxy A12

By enabling this option, your smartphone will allow you to take screenshots by using the accessibility menu. Now locate the screen you need to take a screenshot of. Swipe up using two figures from the bottom of your phone screen. There, you will be able to find a new option that will allow you to take screenshots by clicking on it to take the necessary screenshots.

5th Method

As technology grows rapidly, you can find many devices performing with artificial intelligence. Have you ever spoken to your phone and commanded it to call one of your contacts or reply to a message? Yes, you can also control your smartphone to take a screenshot.

To command, you must touch and hold the home button on your screen, and then you say ‘Hey Google’. Google Assistant will not respond if you have not turned it on. Make sure you turn this option on. Then you can command the Google Assistant to take a screenshot of the required screen.

6th Method

Your Samsung galaxy A12 will not need any application to take screenshots. However, if you want to download any apps to take a screenshot, you can also use this method. Several applications will allow you to take screenshots. Screenshot Easy is one of the popular applications that will help you take a screenshot of the relevant screen.

We hope this article on how to screenshot on galaxy A12 helped you gain some knowledge on the methods which you can use to take screenshots.

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