Lenovo produces many devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The very first Lenovo personal computer came in the year 1990. In this article, you will learn why the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on and how you solve this issue.

Now there are different types of Lenovo laptops available in the market. If you are using a Lenovo laptop, you might know that these laptops will perform nicely and rarely encounter issues. One common problem you will encounter when using this is that the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on when you press the power button. You don’t have to worry about it. You will learn how to fix this issue yourself by reading the article.

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After using the Lenovo laptop, you might put it in sleep mode or shut down, and then when you try to turn on the device, if your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on then, you might need to check on the issue. Since Lenovo has different models of laptops, you cannot use the same way to fix the issue, and there might be slight differences. Continue reading the article to know the causes why Lenovo laptops won’t turn on and how you can solve this problem.

Reasons Why Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on?

There are several reasons why your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, and here are some of them.

  • If the battery is dead when you try to turn it on, then your laptop will not turn on.
  • After prolonged use, your laptop may start overheating, which is why the laptop doesn’t turn on.
  • When using any electronic device, you must handle it carefully and maintain them properly so that you can use it for a long time without any issues. If you don’t take proper care of your Lenovo laptop, you will encounter such an issue due to improper shutdown.
  • If the AC adopter inside your laptop starts to malfunction, the device will not receive sufficient voltage. As a result, your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on.
  • If there is any issue in your Lenovo laptop’s hardware or software, there are possibilities to encounter such problems.
  • A faulty or malfunctioning BIOS can cause this problem, and you will not be able to turn on your laptop.
  • Suppose the cable is damaged, your laptop will not turn on if you haven’t connected the cables properly.
  • When turning on the laptop, you will have to press the button. If the power button has a problem, the device will not boot up.

These are some causes, when you know the causes, you can identify it easily and solve the problem accordingly.

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How to Fix the Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn on Issue?

Suddenly when your Lenovo laptop doesn’t turn on, this might be because of different causes, so check on the possible cause why you encounter this issue and then start fixing it. Here are some methods through which you can solve this problem.

Lenovo Laptop

  • If your laptop is overheating, then this might be why you can’t turn on the device. Often after prolonged usage, you may encounter such a problem. While using the laptop, due to overheating, suddenly, it will turn off, and the device will not turn on. In such a case, you must not try to turn on the device sooner after shutting down instead, place the laptop in a cool room away from the direct sunlight. Leave the device to cool down for at least one hour. If you have a removable battery, remove it and place it out. After completely cooling the laptop, you can fix the battery and switch on the device. Now your laptop will turn on. Make sure you don’t cover the vents while working on your laptop.
  • If there are any issues in the cable, you will have to fix it as a faulty charger cable will not allow your laptop to charge. Hence, you will not be able to turn on the device due to lack of charge. By repairing the damage, you will be able to fix the issue. A simple cause for Lenovo laptops won’t turn on is because of the loose power cable, so make sure you have a proper power cable without any damage, and when charging, you must plug it in correctly so that the laptop will start charging. Some people in a hurry do not plug the cable properly and panic, when the laptop doesn’t turn, is on, or does not have enough charge.
  • After prolonged laptop usage, one of the most common issues people will face is a faulty battery. After charging the laptop for some time, you will not be able to use it for too long, or your laptop will not turn on once you unplug the charger. To ensure a faulty battery in your laptop, you must remove the battery and try to plug in the charger cable. Now turn on the device. If your laptop is working well, then the battery is faulty. To solve this issue, you must replace the battery with a new one.
  • If you have not updated the BIOS, you may encounter this issue, so make sure you update the BIOS to solve this problem.
  • Sometimes if there is any issue in the power outlet that you are using to charge the laptop, then the device will not charge. Hence, your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on due to lack of charge. So, to fix the problem, try charging in a different outlet, as this will help turn your laptop on.
  • If you feel none of the methods is helping to solve the issue, you can try resetting your laptop, as this will help solve many issues in the device.
  • Suppose you try to on the laptop using the power button after resetting, and the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. Most probably, the issue might be with the power button. If you have NOVO, which means a pinhole on the side of your laptop, you can try using this button to turn on your laptop. If this process works well, then your laptop might have a faulty power button, so by contacting the Lenovo customer support system, you will be able to fix this issue.

This article on Lenovo laptop won’t turn on will have helped you gain some knowledge about how you can fix such a problem related to your laptop. We hope this article was helpful.

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