Remote monitoring applications are used to control the productivity of remote employees. Monitoring apps can also be used to ensure that children do not spend too much time on their phones. Hence, they help guarantee that children do not access pornographic websites or violent games on their phones.

5 Tips to Know Before Installing Monitoring Apps on iPhone

However, because of their simplicity of use and commercial availability, many developers have created apps to monitor iPhone without access to target phone. Unfortunately, their popularity has made choosing the right iPhone monitoring app next to impossible. In this article, I will list 5 points that will tell you what to check before buying a monitoring app.

1.    Go For the App That Offers the Most Value

There are many monitoring apps that work on iPhones and iPads for both businesses and parents. But always go for the app that offers most value for your money. Evaluate your options wisely and compare the features of all the apps side by side.

The app I recommend is XNSPY. The app’s constant delivery of new features, updates, and upgrades meets customers’ current needs. Aside from that, phone tracking and text message monitoring are the app’s most popular features.

XNSPY outperforms other spy software because it combines basic monitoring capabilities with extras like ambient recording, real-time geolocation updates, and screen recording. XNSPY distinguishes itself even though many of its capabilities, particularly the classic ones, are shared by other call monitoring software. Premium features, on the other hand, make a big difference. It is why XNSPY is the app that stands out in terms of value for me.

2.   Familiarize Yourself With The Legalities Involved in Using Monitoring Apps

You need to check the legality of all monitoring apps, not just XNSPY’s. It ensures you don’t get into any legal trouble when using them. You can only monitor kids younger than 18 and employees’ work phones, not their personal devices. And you cannot track your partner’s personal device without their consent.

You also need to check online for any local digital laws applied in your state. It should be the first step you need to follow before purchasing a monitoring app.

3.   Know Your Needs

These apps can work as a child monitoring or parental control app, and they can also work as an employee monitoring or productivity management tool. So keep that in mind in which scenarios you will be using the app.

XNSPY works as a child monitoring app by pulling pertinent information from your child’s phone. Live location, social media monitoring, instant messaging applications, browser history, and surround recording are all part of the data pool that gets extracted.

The app is unique in that it captures this data from a target phone in stealth mode without interfering with the device’s main functions.

Kids converse primarily via social media and instant messaging applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. As a result, the app’s social networking and instant messaging reader enables parents to rapidly review their children’s conversations and determine who they keep in contact with.

XNSPY also functions as a real-time employee monitoring tool that assists organizations in protecting their data against abuse and mistreatment by third parties or workers. It allows a company to monitor its workers’ devices. As a result, the app can monitor employees’ calls, texts, and emails.

It offers several remote employee monitoring services at a reasonable cost. Because the software operates in stealth mode, businesses can be assured that their monitoring requirements are not jeopardized.

XNSPY’s email monitoring and geo-tracking capabilities prevent intellectual property from being traded online or in person. Employers may utilize the email monitoring function of the app to keep a close eye on their workers’ emails. It avoids data breaches and excessive email monitoring by staff.

Both scenarios share some features, but it is better to keep in mind what scenario you will be using the app for.

4.   Familiarize Yourself With The Different Features Between The iCloud And Jailbreak Versions

XNSPY works as an iCloud spy app, as well as a jailbroken iPhone spy app. It means you can use XNSPY to monitor an iPhone by extracting the backup data stored on iCloud or by gaining administrative rights after jailbreaking it. Both options are available to the user and cover the basic monitoring features. But monitoring a jailbroken iPhone gives a wider range of data points to track. Thus, you will have more options available if you go for the jailbreak version instead of the iCloud spy variant.

XNSPY’s iCloud variant does not support geolocation history tracking, Gmail tracking, remote control features, instant messaging apps monitoring, or social media account tracking. The reason is that XNSPY extracts data from the iCloud, so only data that gets backed up on the cloud will be available.

So iCloud monitoring allows monitoring contacts, call logs, text messages, calendar, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, internet history, and installed apps. Whereas XNSPY can monitor all of these plus everything else if installed on a jailbroken iPhone.

5.    Ensure You Have iCloud Credentials

In some cases, XNSPY cannot access iCloud backup until the iCloud password and username are known beforehand. The reason is that XNSPY can crack combinations that are easy to guess and brute force its way to the right combination. But if the username and password contain too many characters and symbols, XNSPY’s brute force algorithm can take a hit.

It isn’t ideal if you’re using the iCloud variant of the app because the app won’t be able to access the cloud backup until you enter a valid username and password. But on the flip side, this won’t be an issue if you go for the jailbreak variant since you only need to unlock the iPhone once before installing the app. As long as the device remains connected to the internet, the data will seamlessly get extracted. You can read this step-by-step guide for monitoring someone’s iPhone that demonstrates how the app extracts data from an iPhone and how you can install it.

A bonus tip to using the iCloud variant of any monitoring app is to see which iOS version gets supported by it. XNSPY, for example, works with iOS 6 and above devices.

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