Gaming, especially on a monitor, is fun. The PS4 console has features and power that make playing games much better. You’re set to enjoy the high resolutions, refresh rates, and quality game graphics. But what if you don’t have a screen to use?

I have a PS4 but had to wait for my family to finish their business with the TV before I could play my favorite PS games. You can imagine how awful this experience is. However, a friend of mine came up with the idea of using a laptop as a monitor for PS4.

Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 console

I’ve used my laptop as an external monitor for my PS4 games. Playing my favorite PS4 games on my laptop has had some advantages. However, there have been drawbacks that have been hindering my gaming experience.

Read below to understand how playing PS4 games on a laptop can be beneficial. You’ll also learn the challenges and how to go about them for an enhanced gaming experience.


Using a laptop as a monitor for PS4 has the following benefits:

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Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Promotes Portability

Unlike gaming monitors, laptops are relatively small and have less weight. Therefore, you can carry it around more conveniently. Thus, I can play my favorite PS4 game from anywhere, something impossible when using a gaming monitor.

Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Allow for Dual Usage

When using my laptop as a monitor for PS4, I’m not limited to using the laptop for gaming alone. I can still use the laptop for other applications, such as studying or entertainment. Being a student, I find these laptops useful as I can use them to do my school projects while at the same time using them as a monitor for PS4.

Gaming Laptops Are Highly Versatile

A laptop supports several connectivity ports, which may be more than what a gaming monitor can support. Therefore, I can connect external devices and other wired connections. For instance, I can use the input ports to connect an external keyboard or mouse. The same applies when connecting gaming controls. This feature allows me to control my games more efficiently using external devices I connect to the laptop.

Laptop as Monitor for PS4 has Better Resale Value

The resale value of a laptop is higher than that of a gaming monitor. If you use a laptop rather than a gaming monitor as a monitor for PS4, you’ll sell it at a higher price when the need arises. Their depreciation rate is lower than that of gaming monitors. The reason is that a gaming laptop may have more practical uses than a gaming laptop.

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As mentioned, using my laptop as a monitor for the PS4 has some challenges. Below are some of the common challenges to expect.

Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Has a Lower Resolution

Gaming laptops have higher resolutions to ensure an enhanced gaming experience. They have clear and sharp images. The high-resolution monitors also allow me to display more content on my screen without compromising their quality.

Similarly, most PS4 games are high-resolution games. Most of them have 4K quality that requires 4K monitors. To ensure an enhanced gaming experience, you’ll need a high-resolution gaming monitor to play these games.

However, using my laptop as a monitor for PS4 can compromise the display quality of my favorite games. Most laptops are limited to Full HD resolution. Playing high-resolution PS4 games such as 4K on this laptop may lower the quality of the games, affecting your gaming experience. The images may look blurred, and you can’t display more content on your screen without compromising their quality.

Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Has a Lower Refresh rate

Most gaming monitors have high refresh rates. You’re more likely to get a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz and above. The high refresh rate supports high-speed games on your PS4. The high refresh rates also ensure smooth gameplay by eliminating image ghosting and screen tearing.

However, most laptops are limited to 60Hertz to 90 Hertz refresh rate. The low refresh rate may cause your gameplay to lag without a smooth transition. This feature may significantly affect your gaming experience.

Touchscreen Capabilities

Several laptops support touchscreen features. While this may seem an advantage, it can be a disadvantage regarding PS4 gaming. When playing your games, you may be tempted to use the touchscreen feature of your laptop. Doing so can be an easy way to control your characters. However, it may not be possible to see your game’s action while controlling the laptop using the touchscreen feature. Your hand may abstract some screen sections, affecting your gaming performance.

Laptop as Monitor for PS4 Offers Small Display Size

Nearly every gaming enthusiast would love playing their PS4 games on a larger screen. However, this may not be possible when using the laptop as a monitor for PS4. PS4 gaming requires large screens, with a 27 inches high-resolution monitor being the ideal size. On the other hand, the largest laptop has a 17.3-inch display. The narrow display may affect your PS4 gaming performance and the overall gaming experience.


You can use a laptop as a monitor for PS4. You’ll, of course, benefit from its lightweight design that promotes portability. You’ll also enjoy its versatility and the ability to use it for applications other than gaming. On the other hand, you’ll compromise your game’s quality when playing them on a laptop.

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