My phone is dead and won’t turn on This is a big problem for all mobile phone users. it’s happening suddenly or anytime we can’t be sure which time it’s happening. so don’t fear anymore, here I explain why is your phone is dead how you can fix this problem.

My Phone is Dead and Won’t Turn on [Reasons and fixing]

If you are worried thinking my phone is dead. don’t worry here have explained 9 reasons and given some solutions for it…

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The phone battery level is 0%

The first reason is the phone battery level below 0%. and this could happen because you left your mobile phone unused for a long time or did not charge. then we can’t rule out that the problem of dead android device charger cable, damaged USB port on our phones are also possible. here’s what you have to do if it’s just low power.

phone battery zero and My Phone is Dead Won't Turn On

How to fix – plugin the charger and charge it for more than half an hour. then try to turn on your phone again, if still dead leave charging until full power.

A damaged battery or swelled battery

The phone battery has swelled up or damaged which causes problems like your phone is dead won’t turn on to happen. there are some guidelines that you can follow if the problem of swelling batteries occurred in our phones, such as:

How to fix – You need to change your phone battery or buy a recommended battery for your phone

One important thing, don’t charge your phone always in a power bank or other things it may be damaged your phone’s battery life and reduce battery charging life. always try to use a better charger to charge your mobile device.

Mobile battery life is over

Another reason why your phone is dead won’t turn on could be the mobile’s battery life ran out. if you are not using it for a long time, perhaps all of its power has been consumed and can no longer be used again by our device.

How to fix – You need to buy or replace them with new batteries in order to get back your phone’s function.

Software problems/firmware errors

If you think my phone is dead this is the less common problem for a phone won’t turn on. but it’s still can be happened to your device, for example, if there are some firmware errors in our phones.

mobile software and firmware

How to fix – You need to flash or update your firmware using Odin software on PC.

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Water Damage, Long Time Storage

One of the reasons why your phone is dead and won’t turn on could be water damage. this situation may happen if you haven’t used or stored it for a long time which causes problems with our devices’ hardware circuit.

phone in the water and my phone is dead by water damaged

How to fix – You need to dry up all parts of your mobile device by using a vacuum cleaner or putting them under the rice. then wait until it is completely dry before trying to turn on your phone again.

Hardware failure in the phone

The most serious problem is a hardware failure in our mobile device. this may be because of physical damage, aging, or excessive overheat that damages some parts of the phone.

How to fix it – You need to change your entire phone with a new one if it can’t be repaired.

Charging pin broken

This problem can happen because there have some broken pins. so your phone charging pin must be having good condition to better charge your phone.

How to fix it – if you think my phone is dead won’t turn on you need to change your charger pin or try using another power source like a car battery.

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Phone charger issue

Why my phone is dead and won’t turn on, Maybe it could be a charger issue. most of us may not realize that we have damaged our charging cable. so everyone is worried and thinking about the phone is not working.

Phone charger port and data cable port

How to fix it – you need to buy a new phone charger, don’t worry it’s very cheap than replacing your entire mobile device with a new one.

Data cable error of the charger

There are also some errors that come from the data cable of our phone charger. this may be because it is not compatible with your device or has been damaged over time.

How to fix it – you need to replace your old charging data cable with a new one that is compatible with your mobile device.

You can get more information by asking questions from forums.

Conclusion: My Phone is Dead

These are the most common reasons why my phone is dead and won’t turn on. but don’t worry, there are some solutions that you can do to fix it. hope this article will help you solve your phone’s problem.

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