The modern world has a lot of android users. They are really like android mobile phones and all the android works. but if you think android sucks yes really it’s 100% true.

Why Does Android Sucks

Many people ask this question because they have a lot of bad experiences with their Samsung android devices. This question has a lot of reasons and scrolls down to see 9 reasons why android sucks.

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1. Low-Quality Apps in Android

Low-quality apps are the ones that either don’t work or appear to be malware, and they’re usually found on third-party app stores and Play Store.

They also suck because there’s no real way of knowing whether an app is of high quality unless you’ve tried it yourself, which can make your device vulnerable without your knowledge. 

There’s no way of knowing which apps are safe to download, and that can be a nightmare for those who don’t know much about technology.

Some malware-ridden apps look fine on the surface but have hidden code within them that could cause problems for your device if downloaded.

Holding Android smartphone with apps - android sucks
Android smartphone

2. Malware and Viruses

May have malware or viruses stored in any android device. Android devices have a lot of antivirus apps but do not work properly with at least one android antivirus app. if you are an android device user so you definitely know about this.

We use the external chip, USB, data cable, and we also use BlueTooth, wifi, internet. Did you think that? that can give viruses or malware to our android device.

Also, sometimes we downloaded apps or anything from the internet it can have malware or viruses. That’s why the Android system has so many antivirus apps. android is not secure most of the time and android sucks.

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3. Android Update Problems

The android update is not available on some mobile phones and updates don’t come as often as they should. I have a Samsung android j5 2015 smartphone but it has not been available at least one of the updates.

because updates do not come. that is the biggest suck in android devices. a lot of users can’t update their mobile day to day or week to week because updates do not come so a lot of android devices working very slow and not secure. this is an important thing to know about android sucks.

4. By and large Android Battery Usage

Android sucks because it uses more battery.

Android devices have a lot of apps and features that use up your phone’s resources, which leads to faster battery drain as the day goes on. what do you think about this? This is another important reason why android sucks, but there are some things you can do to prevent serious damage from taking place.

There are some ways to save battery life on your android device.

You can download apps that claim they will help you do this, but they usually don’t work as well as advertised.

Android is not secure so there’s no real way of finding out how much power an app uses unless you have a rooted Android phone or tablet.

Another reason why Android sucks is that it’s not as secure as iOS devices are, even if you have a rooted android device. Another important thing to know about this topic of android sucks and we can learn more about these things from online sources or other websites so please keep reading.

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5. Have Fake Android Devices

The developing world has a lot of android devices users and also there has a lot of smartphone developers. Most of them are Android devices.

More people design different kinds of android devices some are fake devices but we cannot say what is the fake one or not because it’s all features are the same to same so cannot find differences.

so a lot of users are cheated by fake android mobiles. ex: we can buy any Samsung devices with the same to same specifications by Chinese mobiles and so many made countries.

Two Android Devices - android sucks
Android Devices

6. Android Devices Are Crashes Suddenly

It happens very often, your phone is running fine and you get a call. During the conversation, suddenly your phone gets crashed and stops working properly. It might be because of some error or anything serious, this could happen to any Android device. Crashing may cause various reasons like:

  • System stability is at its peak (low memory or battery).
  • Some external app has crashed which in turn caused the whole device to crash.
  • A virus/malware has invaded your phone.
  • The phone might be having performance issues in which case you will need to update the OS on time, install ROOT apps properly, and so on.
  • Some Internal app has crashed, restart your phone to reset it.
  • The phone’s hardware is outdated (software crashes are common with old phones).

7. Android Device Have Short Life Time

Android devices have a short lifetime and it is very difficult to maintain them. All the applications need to be re-installed on a new device, and all the settings must be configured again.

This project solves this issue by automatically backing up user data from old android devices. This data is provided to new devices when the old device is connected via a USB cable.

but exactly can’t tell all data are can restore so android sucks and we can’t depend on it.

8. Android devices are too expensive Without New Features

Android Even the cheap ones are too expensive. I’m not saying that they’re overpriced, just that they cost more than most people can afford and that’s a problem. and In the modern world android devices are expensive without any new feature installation.

Many accessories sell for a large price with a few minor modifications but do not include a significant number of new components. it’s can call truly android sucks.

Some of you will respond to this with: “Well just wait for prices to come down.” Here’s why it doesn’t matter: these aren’t commodity items we’re talking about.

This isn’t a case of supply shortages leading to a price hike. The problem is that the quantities produced are too low for prices to come down significantly.

As an example, I have a sony tablet running android 1.5 installed on it with 256MB memory and a 4GB hard drive. It cost me $150 when it first came out. It was one of the cheaper tablets on sale at that time.

I don’t was brand new. That was over three years ago, and it cost $ $150 then. Today that that cheap android tablet would be $ $250 at the absolute most, but probably closer to $300.

9. Android Apps Errors

When you download an Android app and open it for the first time, it sometimes does not open and crashes instantly. But over and over again, when you try to get that app, sometimes it just works properly it’s a big suck in android devices.

Most of the time it happens to lower android version devices but not did all time. Also, on some large Android version devices, some apps may not work properly for the first time. it’s happening any time on any android device. So this is the last thing in this article about android sucks.

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Final Words

Here explained why android sucks and how we can know to get better decisions before getting to an android device in this article. hope you got a better understanding of android sucks. So what do you think? comment below your thoughts. Stay safe. good day!

Chaminda Gunasekara as represent as Gamedotro Author. He is a Graduate Bachelor of I.C.T. and a graduate in software and tech. Also, video game playing and finding new things is his biggest hobby.