PS4 console and why is my ps4 so loud

Why Is My PS4 So Loud [Explained & Fixed]

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A man holding ps4 dualshock controller

How long does a PS4 controller take to charge? Fast Charge

You might be wondering how long does a PS4 controller takes to charge. The answer is that it varies depending on what type of charger you use, what type of a ps4 controller you use like a ps4 wireless controller or ps4 wired controller, and the battery level when you … Read more

ps4 controller and why is my ps4 slow

Why Is Your PS4 Slow? 11 Reasons [Explained & Fixed]

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Why is my ps4 so slow

Why is my ps4 so slow? [Every Aspect clarified]

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When is the PlayStation 5 release date?

Introduction PlayStation PlayStation, one of the leading video game companies in the world has introduced a new series of video games with interesting features that have caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts. Sony Computer Entertainment America has kept pace with the changes in the market by introducing new games on … Read more