Android users love the added convenience and flexibility of a cell phone. However, they don’t always like the technical aspects that come with it. One feature that tends to get on people’s nerves is the “location” feature. Some android phones will always have location mode enabled. For those who are security conscious, this can be a little frightening. Fortunately, you can disable your Android’s location sensors or make them much less sensitive so you’re still covered but save yourself some trouble.

Why is your location icon always on android device?

Are you still trying to find out why is my location icon always on android devices? So this blog post will explain and provide some clear solutions for showing your GPS location in the status bar.

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Why is my location always on android? Reasons

This can happen in our mistakes and some application issues. Here are 3 possible things to happen

  • You forgot to turn off
  • A Location required app is running in the background (ex:- Google maps)
  • Another app running in the background with turned on GPS permission (ex: Facebook)

Android phone gps locationHow to fix GPS location always on android?

Here are some ways for you to remove the “GPS location always on” problem in your android phone. For safety, one of these solutions can be performed each time after rebooting your cell phone and we recommend doing these since we don’t know what triggered the problem.

  1. Reset your location settings to default values
  2. Disable GPS completely, reset it after rebooting
  3. Press and hold the Power button until a menu pops up then press “Power off” to turn your phone off for a restart.
  4. If the GPS icon is still showing, you can try to uninstall some apps that might cause this issue then reinstall them later. This is because apps install location permission without your consent sometimes and it confuses your android system leading to this problem.
  5. To make sure if the third-party apps are causing this issue, you can turn Location Services completely off to see whether the problem persists.
  6. If your phone is using Marshmallow 6.0 or above, go to Settings – Apps & Notifications – Advanced – Special app access – Battery Optimization and select “All Apps” from there so you could see all apps including system apps. Check whether some apps are optimized for power saving at the top there, if yes then select that app and tick “Don’t optimize” to fix the issue. If this doesn’t help you can try Uninstall apps that were recently installed on your device.
  7. After Performing all of these steps, still can’t get rid of the location icon. Then you can try resetting your phone setting to default values and see if it helps. Go back to Settings – General – Reset and select “Reset Settings” or go directly into Location and choose Mode then set to High accuracy or Device only as per what works for you.
  8. If none of these solutions work, factory reset your android device. make sure to get a backup of your android before factory reset.


Android location sensors are used to determine the phone’s physical location. Android users love GPS Services because it provides a high degree of accuracy and feature-rich experiences. There are many reasons why Location Services is a popular feature on android phones. Its status as a built-in function on the Android platform means that it is always available, and does not need to be removed or switched off like some other features. So hope this article helps you to fix why is my location icon always on android problem. Anyway if you still have this trouble comment below. Thank you, Good day!

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