How To Fix Game Pigeon Not Working On IOS

Do you use the Game Pigeon app to play games with your friends? If so, you may have noticed that the app has been having some issues lately. In this blog post, we will explore how to fix the Game Pigeon not working on iOS. We will also provide some troubleshooting tips in case you are still having problems.

What is Game Pigeon?

If you’re a fan of IOS mobile gaming, then you’ve probably heard of Game Pigeon. It’s an app that allows you to play games with your friends via iMessage. But what happens when Game Pigeon doesn’t work? Here’s how to fix it.

How to Troubleshoot Game Pigeon Not Working On IOS Device

Game Pigeon app on app store

If you are an avid fan of the Game Pigeon app on your iPhone, you may have noticed that it has been acting up lately. The app may not be working as smoothly as it used to or it may not be loading at all. If you are experiencing these issues, don’t fret! There are some simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

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1. Update Game Pigeon App

First, check to see if there is an update available for the Game Pigeon app. Oftentimes, developers release updates for their apps that include bug fixes and performance improvements. Updating the app should help resolve any issues you are having.

2. Restart Your IOS Device

If there is no update available or updating the app does not fix the problem, try restarting your iPhone. A simple restart can often resolve quirky issues like this.

3. Reinstall Game Pigeon App

Still not working? The next step is to delete and reinstall the Game Pigeon app. This will remove any corrupted data that may be causing the app to malfunction. Before deleting the app, be sure to back up your progress so you don’t lose any of your hard-earned progress!

4. Update the IOS device

Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed. Game Pigeon may not be compatible with older versions of the operating system.

5. Restore IOS Device

Try resetting your device. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset and choose “Reset All Settings.” This will restore your device to its factory settings and should fix the problem. before resetting your IOS device remember to get a backup.

6. Change date and time to Automatic

If your Game Pigeon is not working on IOS, you may need to change your date and time to automatic in your IOS. To do this, go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Then, turn off the Set Automatically option and select the correct time zone.

7. Log out and Sign in back with your Apple ID

One another possible fix is to log out and sign in back with your Apple ID. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your IOS device.
2. Scroll down and tap on Game Center.
3. Tap on the Apple ID at the top of the screen.
4. Tap “Sign Out” and then confirm by tapping “Sign Out” again.
5. Now, go back to the Game Center settings and tap “Sign In.”
6. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign back in.
7. Once you are signed in, try launching Game Pigeon again to see if it works properly.

Hopefully, one of these solutions will get the Game Pigeon app up and running again on your iPhone.

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There are a few things you can do if you’re having trouble getting Game Pigeon to work on your iOS device. First, make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed. If you’re still having problems, try restarting or resetting your device or force-closing the Game Pigeon app. Also, try all methods above to fix the game pigeon not working fix.

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