Ever wonder why is my pc lagging all of a sudden? This article will explain the reasons behind lag and provide some helpful fixes for it.
You can use these methods for all the Windows versions – Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11,
but for some reason are not compatible with some Windows versions. don’t worry you can try them one by one to get a better solution for your pc. don’t waste time, here we going to the reasons…

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Why is my pc lagging all of a sudden

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Internet connection
  • Malware & virus
  • Out-of-date windows
  • All-time turn on
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Damaged Ram
  • Low-space hard drive
  • PC overheating
  • Low graphic card
  • Without Cooling fan
  • Low Ram cards

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The most common hardware-related reasons for lag are old or faulty drivers. Drivers control the computer’s basic functions, like graphics and sound cards; without them, your system won’t work at all.

To spot bad drivers that could be causing lag, open the device manager (type “device manager” in the Windows search bar), and look at the list of installed drivers. If you see any with a yellow exclamation mark or red X, this means that they’re either corrupted or incompatible. Either way, it’s good to update them before the problem gets worse!


This is where common computer problems come into play. Outdated programs are especially likely to cause lag since they’re not optimized to work with modern operating systems.

The simplest way to avoid this is by closing out of any programs that aren’t currently in use (e.g., background music or other open tabs) before opening another one; if you have a program running that you don’t need right now, click on the Task Manager, and shut it down.

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Internet Connection

One of the most common causes of lag is a slow internet connection. Whether you’re using WiFi or Ethernet, if either signal isn’t strong enough to load your pages quickly then they’ll take longer than usual to appear on the screen which can result in delayed responses from programs that rely on the internet.

A good way to fix this is by closing all your open programs and restarting your computer, which forces a fresh connection with the router; if it’s still not working optimally after that, try rebooting any devices that are connected to the modem or router (such as phones, tablets, etc.).

Malware & Virus

Another common cause of lag is malware. Malware’s purpose is to spread itself onto as many computers as possible, which means that it slows down your system in order to make more room for itself; this may result in programs not responding at all or taking so long to load that you give up waiting and close them.

To fix this, go to the windows defender program and select “scan” from the options on the left side of your screen; once it’s done scanning for viruses, restart your computer.

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Out of date windows

Out-of-date windows can cause lag. It’s important to update your operating system every once in a while since older versions don’t have the same security features as newer ones; this means that they’re more vulnerable to malware and viruses which are designed specifically for old Windows systems.

All-time turn on

This is probably the most obscure reason for lag, but it still happens a lot more often than you’d think. Computers that are left on all night will slow down as they start to overheat; this is because dust and other particles build up inside components which block airflow, leading them to work less effectively.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by shutting down your computer every night before you go to sleep!

Damaged hard drive

A damaged hard drive can cause lag. If the read-write head of your storage device gets stuck or becomes misaligned then it’ll have trouble accessing data which will result in slow loading times and frequent crashes; if you’ve been having problems with these for a while, there’s probably something wrong with your HDD.

In order to fix it, you need to open up your computer and physically check the hard drive; if there’s anything wrong with it (e.g., a bent read-write head), then you’ll have to replace the entire device.

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Damaged Ram

If one of your RAM sticks is damaged or incompatible, this will result in lag. The first step to fixing this problem is by opening up your computer and removing the faulty stick. If it’s a RAM chip that has gone bad, you should be able to tell from its appearance; if not then try taking out all of them one by one until you notice an improvement in loading times or crashes.

Low-space hard drive

There isn’t enough space on your hard drive, which will cause lag. If you’re trying to open a program but the computer says that there’s not enough room left for it to run properly then it’s usually because you don’t have much free storage (e.g., less than 100GB). In order to fix this problem, you need to delete some of the files on your computer (e.g., old downloads, and videos that won’t be used again).

PC overheating

Overheating is another cause for lag; if the heat sink and fan aren’t able to cool down your components quickly enough then they can become damaged which will result in crashes and slow loading times.

The best way to fix this is by opening up your computer and accessing the heat sink; if it’s dirty then you need to clean it with a can of compressed air (be very careful not to touch anything else inside) or replace it entirely if necessary.

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Low graphic card

If you use a low graphic card it suddenly slows down your pc because pc wants to show graphical items like images, videos, files, icons. these all are graphical items so if you run these items you want a better graphic card. It may cost some extra money from your budget. If you can’t afford it and want to borrow money but have less-than-perfect credit, consider computer financing with bad credit. It’s a cool option to finance your graphic card really quickly.

Without Cooling fan

So many peoples don’t use cooling fans on their pc. If there is no cooling fan on your pc it will cause overheating and again you have to overheat. So use good cooling fans for the CPU.

Low Ram cards

If your ram cards are not good your pc causes lag suddenly because pc needs more memory to show graphical items. So use at least a high-performance Ram card on your pc it gives good power to pc.

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Final words for you

Here we told about why is my pc lagging all of a sudden with 13 reasons and how to fix them. we think you can get a better understanding from this article. anyway, you can now easily find your pc error and fix it for yourself. if you have any issue with something don’t hesitate to comment or contact us. good day!

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