What is Async Phone Call

What is Async Phone Call [Explained]

An asynchronous method call, an async phone call is a method used in.NET programming that returns to the caller before the processing is completed and without blocking the calling thread. The processing results are retrieved via a separate call on a different thread. Async Phone Call You didn’t know Async … Read more

Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate

Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate [Explained]

Many people ask, “why does my phone randomly vibrate” sometimes, the vibrate option does not work as expected due to glitches or bugs. So in this article, we will discuss why your phone automatically vibrates without any reason and how you can fix it on your own. The vibrating option is … Read more

Mobile calling and How Many Times Does A Phone Ring

How Many Times Does A Phone Ring? [Explained]

If the receiver is not answering your call, you might wonder whether the receiver rejected the call, the phone is dead, or they really missed the call. So to confirm what happened there, you just have to know how many times does a phone ring. Generally, when the call is not … Read more

Why is My Phone Charging Slow

Why is Your Phone Charging Slow? [Explained]

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phone battery empty and My Phone is Dead Won't Turn On

My Phone is Dead Won’t Turn On | [Explained & Fixed]

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Android version - Android sucks

Why Android Sucks? 9 Reasons [Explained]

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What Is Phone Visibility

What Is Phone Visibility? [Explained]

What is phone visibility and what does phone visibility mean do you know? here you can find all about your android device visibility and more information. What Is Phone Visibility? The way our phones appear on other devices, we can simply call it visibility. we can use phone visibility for … Read more